Movie Ideas for Psychological Thriller Lovers

If you haven’t noticed, psychological thrillers are huge in the film industry right now. People love storylines with twists in each scene that keep you on your toes. In my opinion, ever since Gone Girl was released, the demand for more movies similar to it have skyrocketed. These movies can sometimes be difficult to find because of the genre. I have found some movies that might not be labeled specifically “psychological thrillers” but are very similar to the idea of twist endings and intricate storylines. Basically, if you want to watch a movie that keeps you guessing, and makes you think, check out these films:


The Girl on the Train

This movie takes you on a journey with Rachel Watson (played by Emily Blunt), who is divorced and lost. She takes the train each day and begins to envy a couple she sees in a house while passing everyday. Until one day she witnesses something shocking occur from the train. If you are interested in movies that take you on a journey with a character, check this film out.


Nocturnal Animals

This movie takes you on a journey with an affluent art gallery owner, Susan (played by Amy Adams) with a seemingly perfect life. She then starts to be haunted by her ex-husband who wrote a novel strikingly similar to her past, unveiling the truth on the pages.


Before I Go to Sleep

Christine (played by Nicole Kidman) wakes up every day not remembering anything at all due to traumatic brain damage. Her husband lives with her and leaves the clues for her to wake up to and piece together her life when she wakes up. She begins to question the truth and figure out her life herself by piecing together bits of information she gathers.


The Good Neighbor

Bored mischievous high school boys decide to document  their neighbor (played by James Caan) being “haunted” in his house. After setting up booby-traps and cameras in their neighbor’s house they start to question why the neighbor acts so…normal. The boys eventually find out that they did not know what they were really getting themselves into.



Losing a child truly changes a person when placed in the situation. This movie takes us on the journey of Keller Dover (played by Hugh Jackman) who’s daughter and her friend go missing. Keller decides to take it upon himself to find the abductor and the missing girls. This story will show you just how far a father will go to find his daughter.



Mother Christine Collins (played by Angelina Jolie) loses her one and only son in a kidnapping. Frustrated with the LAPD’s “efforts” to find her son, she refuses to stop looking for her boy. The truth is much more than she expected when the story unveils what happened to her son.


The Ones Below

A couple who is expecting a baby finds themselves with new neighbors moving in on the floor below them. Similarly, this couple is also expecting, the couples find their similarities uncanny and decide to have dinner together. After dinner, events go south and what happens next? You’ll have to watch.


Return to Sender

Young woman, Miranda (played by Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike) finds her life changing after a blind date goes wrong. She takes it upon herself to react accordingly to what she thought was appropriate. This is a total revenge film which will have you wondering what she will do next.


Get Out

A young African-American man, Chris and his Caucasian girlfriend, Rose visit her parents together for the first time. All seems perfect until Chris starts to notice strange things happening. This movie takes us on the journey with Chris as he pieces together the puzzle of the strange community he’s visiting. This movie also has amazing symbolism that if you catch, make the story unique.



A seemingly perfect woman, Tessa (played by Katherine Heigl) seeks to make life difficult for her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. She embarks on bits of information she knows about the new girlfriend in order to bring up her dark past, making the new girlfriends life hell. This movie will have you nervous wondering how far Tessa will go to get “her old life” back.

So, here is my list of movies I recommend checking out if you love psychological thrillers. Grab your popcorn, your movie buddies and start watching!