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Mitchell Belusko

For all of you who don’t know what Acafellaz is, it’s an amazing, talented, and hilarious all-male choir group on campus.  Mitchell Belusko, president of Acafellaz, is also the Choral Librarian for the School of Music, a Concert Coordinator for the School of Music, a T.A. for the Men’s Glee Club, and a private lesson teacher through the Community School for the Arts and at Metcalf Lab School. Growing up on a farm in Litchfield, IL, Mitchell found it difficult to transition here at ISU, but he has grown to love it! Most of us find it difficult to just juggle our school work, but Belusko balances school, his social life, four jobs, and being the president of Acafellaz!

HC: How long have you been singing?
Mitchell: I have been singing honestly for longer than I can remember.  I remember my mother singing to me as a child and I would love to sing along, especially on long car rides to the radio.

HC: What sparked your interest to sing?
Mitchell: My mother again was my spark to music.  She didn’t sing much, so it was a real treat for me when she did. I was hooked.

HC: Who or what inspires you?
Mitchell: Again, my mother and the rest of my family inspires me.  I try and think that every time I sing, my mother hears me in heaven.  I try and sing everything I can for her.  Aside from that, the music itself inspires me.  I also try to inject my soul into the music that I sing, and let the music inject itself into me, until I feel, for lack of a better word, enveloped by it. (Corny, I know!)

HC: Is it difficult to juggle Acafellaz and school?
Mitchell:  Oh God yes.  This is my first year as the music director for the group, and after only three weeks, I’m feeling the pressure.  I’ve had other leadership positions in the past, but none of them required the day-to-day dedication that this does.  Honestly, I just take each day one at a time, getting through it all.  Lists are God-sends.  I don’t think that a day goes by without me making a to-do list of all of my activities.

HC: How did you become president of Acafellaz?
Mitchell: I inherited the position of President and Music Director of Acafellaz from seniority.  This is my 4th year with the group, and also by popular vote of the members did I get the title and responsibility.

HC: What do you plan on doing when you’re out of college?
Mitchell: Well, I student teach next Fall to complete my Music Education and Vocal Performance degrees, and then I hope to get a job!  I want to teach high school choral music, as well as music theory and music history.
Anyone can check out their website at  www.isuacappella.com/acafellaz

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