The Mind of Jake Paul Breakdown

I, like others, have been completely obsessed with Shane Dawson’s new series about Jake Paul on YouTube. Ever since Shane first released it on September 25th, it's gotten a lot of criticism. The series revolves around YouTuber Jake Paul and why he is the way he is. Shane focuses the main idea of the series around the question “is Jake Paul a sociopath?” and if he is, what does that mean? Out of an 8-part series, parts 1-5 are available to watch now.  

Part 1  

Part 1 is all about Shane and his discovery and research on Jake. He really goes into detail as to why he wants to do this series. He admits that he is slightly worried about doing this because he knows that people will ultimately get mad at him for “giving Jake Paul a platform.”   

Part 2  

Part 2 of the series gives us an inside look at what the word sociopath means. We get to understand what the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is. Shane enlists in the help of therapist Kati Morton to give us more insight as to what these disorders look like in everyday life. I personally found this part of the series to be the most interesting. Getting the chance to find out how an actual therapist would classify these two disorders was really interesting.   

Part 3  

Part 3 dives into Jake’s family life. All of Jake’s family members are also YouTubers. Jake’s older brother Logan is known for his very controversial video of himself in a forest in Japan that is known to be a suicide forest. Logan filmed himself in the forest with an actual dead body. While he did blur out the actual body, he did upload the video which is insane, and no normal person would actually do that. Both of Jake’s parents are also on YouTube and have very interesting accounts of their own. Honestly it would probably be a whole other article for me to just explain how insane the dad is ALONE, so just go and watch part 3 if you want all the tea.  

Part 4 

Part 4 goes fully in-depth about what Jake Paul is really like through the eyes of a former friend and Team 10 member. Nick Crompton shares all the secrets and his personal experiences with Jake and inside the Team 10 house. He goes on to tell Shane all the pranks that Jake uploads to his channel are “planned” or fake. I personally found this part to be very eye-opening and just really interesting to see. It’s so weird to see that someone who has such a huge following and is known for being crazy and over the top is most likely just a normal guy who is just a really good actor.  

Part 5  

Part 5 is the latest in the series and the first part that actually features Jake Paul in it. Shane gets the opportunity to go to the Team 10 house and get to see a day in the life of Jake Paul. Jake talked a lot about how he just wants to create new content for his viewers and ultimately make his parents proud. Honestly for all the hate that Jake has been getting, this part in the series made it really hard to see him as the bad person that everyone makes him out to be.    

Overall, I personally really enjoy the series. I can definitely see how people are getting upset over it but honestly, it’s a new experience for everyone. Shane has done these types of series before, but he’s never done one on what makes a person the way they are. That’s a side of YouTube that no one has really explored before or made content for before Shane made this series. Shane Dawson has definitely brought chaos to the YouTube community but honestly with all the drama that’s been going on within the beauty community, I think we can handle it.    

*DISCLAIMER* This article was written before any further parts to the series have been released.