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Photos By: Lindsay Nardini


The HerCampus ISU Staff


You’ve read our articles, now take some time to get to know a little bit about the lovely ladies behind the stories! We’ve put together bios on all your favorite HerCampus ISU Writers, so read on to get to know us!


Megan Lawler – Editor-In-Chief

Megan Lawer is Editor-In-Chief of HerCampus ISU, a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta, and when she’s not feeling lazy she loans her comedic voice to her Laying Down the Law blog. Contrary to popular belief, Megan has actually never modeled in Vogue magazine before but she has been asked to be in a Honey Bunches of Oats commercial one time (she accepted but the commercial was never aired. She figured her good looks were too intimidating for daytime television.) If she had a nickel for every time someone on the street has mistaken her for Beyonce she would have exactly zero nickels. Megan believes the best way to create world peace would be to lock up anyone who owns sparkly Uggs or a Pitbull CD. Megan el oh els every time someone makes a poop joke and some would say she has the maturity of an small child. She has exactly four role models in her life and they are her mother (whaddup Patti), Tina Fey, Beyonce, and Paul Newman. If she doesn’t fall in love exactly how Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray did in Dirty Dancing than she will be content with living alone with hundreds of puppies. Her ideal first date would be a nice, romantic dinner at Medieval Times (take note, boys). Megan’s life pretty much revolves around HerCampus and she would never have it any other way. Megan is a Communication Studies major and hopes to work in corporate communications or be the social media coordinator for a Fortune 500 company when she graduates (dream big kids!). 

Ali Hutzler – Copy Editor

Ali is a junior Journalism student who enjoys sipping Dr. Pepper in the sunshine and laying by the pool with her friends. She loves cats more than she loves most people and can oftentimes be found chasing them around at apartment parties instead of talking to her human friends. She is an avid to-do list maker and takes pride in almost never finishing a complete list before making another. She has been writing for HerCampus since December 2012 and is also the Copy Editor. After graduation she hopes to move to Chicago and write for a fashion or travel magazine.  

Lindsay Nardini – Photographer

Lindsay Nardini is finishing up her junior year at ISU with a major in Human Development and Family Resources. As our very first photographer for Her Campus Illinois State, Lindsay began our new Catwalk to Campus blog and photographs for the other blogs, such as Campus Cutie and Campus Celeb. She always enjoyed taking pictures now and then, but it was her first photography class in high school where she fell in love with it. As her passion for photography grew, Lindsay gained a hobby that has opened up many opportunities for her. She even took a photography course in Italy last summer where she studied abroad. Besides photography, Lindsay is also obsessed with dogs, mainly her own dog, Angel. She enjoys spending time with her best friends watching their weekly TV shows, cooking dinner together, and going out. Her all-time favorite TV show is One Tree Hill and her celebrity idol is Katy Perry. After graduation, Lindsay wants to move to California and go to cosmetology school. Her favorite thing about Her Campus is that no one is afraid to speak their mind. She loves that everyone can choose what they want to write about and how open everyone is to new ideas. Lindsay plans on continuing to photograph for Her Campus until she graduates, as this has become one of her favorite things about ISU.

Julie Florence 

Julie Florence is finishing up her junior year at Illinois State and is a Public Relations major. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. While other students hated writing essays and giving speeches growing up, Julie loved it. She is from Orland Park, Illinois and attended Carl Sandburg High School. In her spare time, Julie enjoys spending time with friends and family, watching movies, and rollerblading.  A random fact about Julie is that she has a BIG sweet tooth and will never turn down dessert! She really enjoys looking up random recipes online and trying them out. One thing Julie really loves about being a contributing editor for HC is writing exciting news stories that she thinks the readers will be interested in. In the future, Julie hopes to have a family and a successful job in the PR industry.

Christine Guidici

Christine Guidici is a Communication Studies major and will be a senior at Illinois State University in Fall 2013. She cannot function without coffee  and drinks about 6 cups a day on average! She also loves the color pink. Christine likes to think of herself as extremely outgoing and that she has one of the most obnoxious laughs in the world. She watches way too many TV shows and, if asked, could give you details on any Real World cast member. After graduation, Christine hopes to become an event planner and move to Nashville, Tennessee. She began writing for HerCampus as a sophomore and quickly fell in love with writing. In her free time, Christine loves going to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, hanging out with friends, baking her famous chocolate chip cookies, or watching one of her many favorite TV shows. 

Maggie Ziemann

Maggie Ziemann is a student at Illinois State University studying Public Relations.  Saying that she is addicted to coffee would be an understatement.  Born and raised in Chicago, Maggie is a die-hard city girl currently living in the middle of a bunch of corn fields.  She comes off at shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her, you can’t get her to shut her mouth.  Maggie loves writing and blogging whenever she have the chance and enjoys informing others of ideas or things that she finds intriguing.  Maggie is always on Twitter and is always fascinated by the latest celebrity gossip. Maggie loves big sunglasses, printed scarves, Essie nail polish, doing yoga on occasion, and drinking Starbucks; to sum up some of her favorites.  If anyone is feeling generous, Fanny May Mint Meltaways are her favorite chocolates.  Maggie has pickles in her fridge at all times and could eat them all day long. When the weather is nice she enjoy swinging her racket around on the tennis courts or laying out and catching some sun rays. Maggie loves Her Campus because HC ISU is like one big happy family! It is never a dull moment when we’re all together.  Writing about professional topics is alright, but getting the chance to write about beauty tips, the latest celeb gossip, or featuring a talented or cute ISU student is so fun and very rewarding. 

Hannah Dytrch

Writer Hannah Dytrych is a freshman, double majoring in Journalism and Spanish, and a member of the Delta Zeta sorority. When she grows up she wants to be an entertainment journalist and be fluent in Spanish. Anytime you see her, Hannah will be wearing something cheetah print. Hannah is also Ke$ha’s number one fan and saw her in concert three (soon to be 4) times. She loves her family, her friends, summer, Parks and Recreation, playing lacrosse, taking pictures, concerts, watching Netflix, and her kitty Abby. Hannah’s favorite thing about HerCampus is that she gets to write about things she is interested in and loves all the fellow HC members!

Gina Tabascio

When she isn’t working at University Galleries art gallery or the Rec center, contributing writer and music blogger, Gina Tabascio, spends way too much time on Netflix.  Some of her favorites to watch are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development, and How I Met Your Mother.  As a Public Relations major, she enjoys writing and is a huge book nerd.  Gina is also a Marketing Intern at Illinois State’s Vidette.  Her all time favorite band is Mumford and Sons, and if you like soccer, chances are you will become friends.  She likes peanut butter, coffee, and dogs—but not together.  She often gets compared to April Ludgate due to her extremely sarcastic sense of humor and laid back personality.  Gina joined HerCampus ISU spring semester of 2013 and loves working with the team of girls to broaden the horizon of our website. 

Katie O’Rourke

Katie O’Rourke is currently finishing up her junior year at Illinois State University. With a major in Public Relations and a minor in Business she hopes to one day be working for a Public Relations Agency in the windy city of Chicago. This fun, friendly, warm-hearted gal strives to create positive relationships with everyone she meets. She is a firm believer in the saying there is no better medicine than laughter. She has recently gotten involved with Her Campus because of her love for writing and storytelling with a twist of humor. In her spare time you can find Katie O laughing with friends, making intended puns, sipping on Diet Coke and wearing her Hello Kitty snuggie. Katie O is so excited to be a part of the Illinois State University Her Campus team and hopes to bring her sense of humor, love for life and a positive attitude to all that she writes.

Lauren Cole

Lauren Cole is one of the two Fashion Bloggers for HerCampus ISU. She is a soon-to-be junior currently double majoring in Public Relations and Apparel Merchandising and Design. After graduation she hopes to be living in either Chicago or New York City doing PR for a fashion magazine, designer, or company. Lauren is a fashion crazed diva who always keeps up with new trends and whose everyday life revolves around fashion. You can find her casually spending her paychecks online shopping or downtown having a good time while sporting her personal  style.  When it comes to food Lauren is a Taco Bell fanatic. Buy her a cheesy gordita crunch and she will most likely fall in love with you. When Lauren isn’t happily giving fashion advice on her  blog for HerCampus she is constantly being reminded by her Mexican chef that she somehow resembles Nicki Minaj. Whether you are looking for new trends to follow or even just a laugh be sure to follow Lauren’s Fashion Blog. 

Stephanie Bacos

Stephanie Bacos is a thrill-seeking gal, in love with fashion, writing, music, kitties, friends and good times. She love writing about fashion and inspiring people to try new trends and express themselves. Her personal style is a daring combination of vintage rocker chick meets wild flower child. Steph all about setting trends and pushing boundaries. Her Campus has given her the opportunity to meet amazing girls and pursue her love for writing! 

Falynn Lannert

Writer Falynn Lannert is a soon to be Junior at Illinois State University. She joined the HerCampus ISU team this past winter. Her passion is doing pageants, which we have learned a lot about since she has been on the team. She was crowned Miss Pekin 2012 and competed for Miss Illinois last summer. Falynn loves to dance, write and workout in her spare time.  She works for Apricot Lane Peoria and Apricot Lane Bloomington-Normal as a sales associate. Her favorite thing about HerCampus Illinois State is being part of a great group of girls and team bonding activities! 

Stephanie Robertson

Stephanie Robertson is approaching her senior year at Illinois State University. She is a Public Relations major, and a Sociology minor. Stephanie is from a big city, but is country at heart. You will never see her turn down movie theater popcorn or sweet tea. She loves any and every kind of animal and can play with them for hours. She is a waitress at a local steakhouse and is also treasurer of her sorority on campus. In her free time she loves to watch movies and catch up on her favorite TV shows. 

Alexandria Jenkins

Alexandria Jenkins just completed her freshman year of college at Illinois State University. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and is currently serving as the Public Relations chairman for Alpha Delta Pi. At home Alex works at a hair salon. She loves to read and write in her spare time. Alex loves to dance, craft, shop and laugh with her friends. Her idols include her Mom and Dad because without them she wouldn’t be where she is today. Her favorite quote is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” by Eleanor Roosevelt. If she could only take two things on a deserted island it would be her phone and her cat. Anyone who knows Alex would say she couldn’t live without her phone and probably has more pictures of her cat than herself on Instagram. Her favorite outfit would be boots and a dress and her favorite accessory is a smile! If you see Alex at a restaurant she is most likely to be eating white rice. On campus, Alex is most likely found running or working out. 

Kari Lawrence

Writer Kari Lawrence is a like a ring leader, she calls the shots. She’s like a fire cracker she makes it hot. Just kidding! This Public Relations major and Writing minor loves to spend time with her friends and family. She loves to eat and has a love affair with Papa John’s.  When she’s not out and about Bloomington-Normal, you can find her hanging out with friends or writing for HerCampus. Her favorite thing about HerCampus ISU is the honesty and personality all of her fellow writers put into their articles. She hopes you love HerCampus ISU as much as she does! 


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