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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all colleges have moved to online learning. Although this may not be ideal for students and teachers, it is the only option for us to all stay safe and healthy. Our health is at the utmost importance during this time. With online learning just starting, you may be having trouble adjusting to the new quarantine lifestyle. I have yet to master going strictly to online learning, but I have found ways to make it more productive for students. 

Stay in Routine

Your classes may be online now, but it is good to stay in the habit of “going to class”. Even if your class doesn’t meet online through a video, try to get some of your classwork done during the class time. This will help you stay on top of your work and may even put you ahead of the game. 

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Limit Your Distractions 

If you are anything like me, you will try to find any way to not do your work or not pay attention in class. My mind wanders and I LOVE to procrastinate. However, in most of your classes in person, the professor does not want you to be on your cell phone or getting distracted. Set your phone aside while the class time is going on. Find a space that isn’t too distracting and try to focus during the time of your classes. Treat the classes like your in person classes.

Make New Study Spots

This quarantine limits you to stay at home. That means no studying in the coffee shop or going to the library to focus. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to help you out. Find a cozy spot at home that reminds you of your favorite place to study besides home. I recently purchased an inflatable chair to lounge around in while studying. I have twinkle lights in my room to match a coffee shop aesthetic too. This makes it easier for me to get stuff done if I have designated spaces like my cozy spot or a desk spot like being at the library. 

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Actively Communicate with your Classmates and Professors 

Remember you are not doing this alone. Your classmates and professors are adjusting just like you. It is good to keep in contact with your class friends to bounce off thoughts and ideas with each other. You will be able to help each other out. Also keep in touch with your professors. They are trying to make online classes work for you so you get the education you signed up for. You are still able to meet online with them or shoot them an email. I’m sure they’ll be happy you reached out and more than willing to help you. 

Make it FUN

Staying home because of this virus may bring down your mood. It isn’t easy adjusting to strictly online classes while living in quarantine. Make the most of your time. Have your friends and family at home join in on your class time. Teach them something new once you have learned it. Get their thoughts and ideas for a project or assignment you may have. Have class time outside. Try doing class in a different spot in your home each time. Find creative and fun ways to make this new way of learning ideal for you. 

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Quarantine doesn’t have to be as awful as it may seem. Learning how to make the most of it while taking classes will be beneficial to you and you can even help out others if they are struggling with e-learning. Remember to stay home, stay healthy and make the most of rest of your online semester. 

Chloe Lindbom

Illinois State '21

Hey guys! I'm Chloe a Senior here at Illinois State University. I am majoring in Public Relations and looking forward to my future career. Until then I plan to keep drinking iced coffee, keeping up with all the latest reality shows, and writing articles for Her Campus. I can't wait to share my writing and part of my life with y'all. If you want even more of me in your life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Twitter - @ChloDae Instagram - @Chlo.Dae
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