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Make Greek Life Great Again

When I first decided to go through recruitment in the Fall of 2015, I could not have been more excited. I grew up with two sisters, so 150 more was not too much to ask for, am I right? I thought I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, but I was wrong.

Similar to most people, I wanted leadership opportunities, I wanted the social life and I wanted best friends that would be there for a lifetime. When you choose to go Greek, you’re choosing nights of staying in to do homework with your sisters, endless dinner dates, coffee runs and crafting nights that will leave you with memories you made with your sisters. After two years of being a part of Phi Sigma Sigma, I could not be more proud of what my chapter has become and where we are going in the future. However, I still feel like my Greek experience could be better. I’ve never felt that it was just a Phi Sig problem because when I talked to other people it seemed like they were lacking a particular experience as well, so I’ve boiled it down to an ISU Greek Life issue. Each chapter has their own thing that makes them unique, which is why everyone finds their own home away from home, but as a whole I think we have a whole lot more unifying to do.

Like I said before, I’ve been in Phi Sig for some time and the compassion for and faith I have in each of my sisters is something I cannot even express. My life is busy, most college students’ lives are, with school, work, church, and other activities, and sometimes being as committed to Phi Sigma Sigma as I would like to is not an option, but I still make my effort. I try as best I can to attend all our events and as many events for other chapter philanthropies because when it comes to turn around, I’d want other people to do the same for us.

Throughout my time at ISU, I’ve realized that Greek life only falls short of its expectations when you are looking through a lens of something that Greek life does not represent. Being apart of Greek life doesn’t just mean glamor and parties, it’s a lot more of defying what society has to say about sororities and fraternities and proving that you’re more than just someone who goes out on the weekends and wears letters across your chest. Joining a Greek organization gives you the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, networking opportunities and find your passions. Overall, the students that are already involved in Greek organizations should be more accepting of other chapters, respect everyone for where they are and support each other instead of knock each other down.  Greek life should be about supporting each chapter’s philanthropies, going to their events and having an overall great experience. I’m sure every person can say they have a friend or someone they know in each chapter because we all take the same classes, are involved in the same RSOs and hangout together all the time.

I’ve watched many of my friends at other schools go through their Greek systems and have the time of their lives; they have friends in other chapters, they are always doing unique and cool things and most importantly their universities are supporting them. I want Greek Life at ISU to thrive and I do not just mean that I want every Fraternity to throw the biggest banger they can and have every sorority come to it. What I mean when I say I want to have the best Greek experience is great philanthropy, great inter-chapter relationships and support and an overall beneficial Greek experience.

It’s easy to say that you participated in March Madness for Chi Omega or in Delta Chi’s Jimmy V week because those are two philanthropies that are fun and interactive. Even to toot our own horn, Mr. Phi Significant is always fun to work and watch, but I feel like when it comes to smaller philanthropies, events and even buying a chapter’s treats on the quad for $1, nobody wants to empty their pocket change. It’s time that Greek organizations step out of their own chapter bubbles to support each other because the existing Greek population is what is going to make Greek life at ISU thrive.

I am currently a sophomore English Education student at Illinois State University. I am a member of Phi Sigma Sigma and I write for her campus. I am passionate about netflix, naps, hammocks and coffee.
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