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Lorraine Garcia ’15

Have you ever met someone and you just clicked with them? That’s exactly how it was when I met Lorraine Garcia. When we met for this interview, I was welcomed by none other than her warm smile and hugs. This young woman is incredibly driven; she has taken on two years of community college before coming to Illinois State to pursue a Spanish major all the while caring for her son, Jaden. She has also recently become a teaching assistant for an Intro to Latina Studies class (Latina studies also being her minor!). It is our pleasure to introduce you to this week’s campus cutie!

Name: Lorraine Garcia

Age: 23

Year in School: Junior

Major: Spanish

Minor: Latina/o Studies

Hometown: Carpentersville, IL

Nicknames: Lola, Lo-Lo, Rainy

Favorite Music Artists: Romeo Santos, Sam Smith, and Taylor Swift

Favorite Season: Tie between spring and fall!

Guilty Pleasure: Netflix

HerCampus Illinois State: Okay, let’s start off by talking about a day in the life of Lorraine. What is that like?

Lorraine Garcia: I wake up, get ready, then wake my son up and get him ready. I go downstairs and make breakfast and then make my way to the bus. I drop off my son at daycare and start my classes for the day.

HC ISU: Are you involved in any RSO’s on campus? If so, what are they?

LG: I’m in Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish Honor Society.

HC ISU: What drew you to want to major is Spanish?

LG: My freshman year Spanish teacher, who taught native Spanish speaking students, motivated me to go to college because originally those were not my plans.

HC ISU: Going along with that, what is your dream job?

LG: I want to be a high school Spanish/French teacher. I would love to be a teacher, because I want to be able to motivate all students who don’t believe they have a chance to go to college like my high school teacher did for me.

HC ISU: Alongside majoring in Spanish, you also are a teaching assistant for an Intro to Latina Studies class. What is your favorite thing about being a teaching assistant?

LG: My favorite thing about being a teaching assistant is being able to grade. I love being able to have the opportunity to get to know a student through their work.

HC ISU: Who/What is your biggest motivator and why?

LG: My biggest motivator is Jaden, because he has pushed me into breaking new boundaries that I wouldn’t have taken on without him. Also, without him, I wouldn’t be at ISU.

HC ISU: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

LG: Knowing that the little person you made now calls you Mom and that their love is unconditional.

HC ISU: On an average weekend, where could we find you?

LG: Watching movies with Jaden. He’s into a lot of TV shows too so I just sit with him and watch.

HC ISU: Describe your perfect getaway.

LG: I would love to go to France. I have dreamt of being in the Eiffel Tower and experiencing authentic French food. I would also love to go to Rome, so it would probably turn into more of an overall European getaway. I would love to see all the art, buildings, history, and culture around me and experience the different languages.

HC ISU: For that perfect getaway, describe your perfect outfit for a fun night out!

LG: I love flare type dresses, preferably something black and white so I could resemble the mimes in France! I would also wear some heels that had little bows on them and carry a red purse.

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