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Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: Wear skinny jeans the right way

Skinny Jeans may very well be the greatest invention since sliced bread. I can’t remember what I wore before those came along. Boot leg? Ew, that’s gross. The concept of how to wear straight leg jeans may seem simple but surprisingly some girls just don’t seem to understand what looks right with them. Wearing these jeans is really a no brainer nowadays but many have seemed to become complacent on what to wear them with.


My roommate pointed out to me that some girls ruin these jeans by wearing gym shoes. Of course I made a face and thought who in their right mind would wear these jeans with gym shoes? It’s just not natural. Skinny jeans give off the illusion of, well skinnier legs. So when you wear the jeans you wear shoes that help give that effect. Ladies, we are not clowns and therefore don’t need to wear shoes that give off that slim feature. The types of shoes to wear with these jeans are boots, either ankle boots or a rising trend that I love, knee high boots; oxfords, and flats. Of course heels always work but, ca’mon, we’re college students we don’t wear heels around campus.

With it being fall and soon winter, yikes, tops can be quite limiting as you are being covered up with jackets and scarves. But keep this as a note when you’re getting dressed. The choices are pretty much endless and it comes down to your style in general. Your favorite Illinois State shirt or a scoop neck t-shirt with a cardigan. My personal favorite during the cooler months is a baggy sweater; it’s up to you really!

I saw skinny jeans in purple, electric blue, red, basically the rainbow and wanted to cry. They are such obnoxious colors and are really not necessary. Stick with black and dark wash to get an even slimmer look. It looks better and proportions you out.

I hope this cleared up any misconception you had and stopped you before you put on those Nikes with your green skinny jeans. I probably sound like a broken record but experimentation is key, if you did make those mistakes you know better next time around!

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