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Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: Shop for the holiday look

The Holidays are filled with different traditions and events that everyone looks forward too after the finals are over. Good riddance. With that in mind we must get ready for the parties and dinners that will showcase our outfits inspired by the festivities.

When I think of Holiday outfits, I automatically think of deeper tones, green, red, gold. It gets me in the spirit and those specific colors make me happy. I guess I’m a walking Christmas tree? To me, flashy and bright define the holidays therefore I try to convey that in my outfits. It’s important to have an outfit with that one statement piece that embodies the holiday spirit and can be worn to any event.

Worn by Jess of Tuulavintageher outfit contains subtle colors that ties into the holidays. The colors are of grey and pale gold colors that go together so well. I wish I could copy and paste this outfit into my wardrobe because it is absolute perfection. Her sequin skirt from Zara with the knitted sweater makes it a simple yet a complex outfit.  Since it is colder, pair this with nude tights and you’re good to go.

Knit sweater and rings from Sportsgirl. Skirt and heels from Zara. Skirt belt from Saboskirt.