Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: The right bra for your outfit

Too many girls fall victim to the wrong bra with the wrong shirts. It’s either two different colors or the wrong style. Matching the bra and shirt together makes you look put together and your outfit less obvious that you didn’t get dressed in the dark. Learn about these different styles and start matching correctly!

Racerback tank
It is easy to assume that you can wear this tank with a cami underneath and a regular bra but I beg you to not to take the easy way out. There are bras that are designed with this shirt in mind so find one that has a hook on the straps or better yet get a strap perfect! I own one of these life savers myself and they certainly come in handy and come in 3 different colors. 
Also for those longer racerback tank tops that are lower in the armpit area try bandeau bras. With this type of bra I would pair it with any color as long as it’s not too distracting.

Strapless shirt
The strapless shirt can be a pain but finding support is important. No one wants to walk around all day pulling their bra up. Plus nothing is tackier then wearing a regular bra with a strapless shirt or maxi dress, it’s not appealing.  Push-up strapless bras for the win!

Spaghetti straps
You can wear a regular bra with this shirt but what makes it work is the color. Wearing a red striped shirt with a green bra is just not acceptable. You either want to stay neutral, white, black, nude or the color that matches the shirt, you can’t go wrong.

Splurge and get yourself a cute bra that lifts the girls. Shall I recommend the Bombshell bra, which gets nothing but good reviews?  Once again God bless Victoria’s Secret for supplying us with bras that makes the girls look good in any shirt. Whether it’s a v-neck or crew neck t-shirt you cannot go wrong with a pushup bra and don’t forget support as well!

Buying a bra shouldn’t be complicated, it’s about what makes you feel good. When I try on a bra I look at it from every angle, think of the outfits to wear with it and how it makes me feel. It’s truly the little things that will make you feel confident even if no one else can see it.