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Jenna Brauer ’16

How lucky am I that this week’s Campus Cutie, Jenna Brauer, is one of my very good friends? She’s super involved on campus and loves to be in comfy clothes as much as possible! BUT, don’t dare tell her the gauc is extra, trust me, she already knows.  


Age: Recently 21 & fun. Major: Public RelationsYear: JuniorHometown: Aurora, ILRelationship Status: TakenFavorite Food: Mac and Cheese

Boxers or briefs: BriefsSalty or Sweet:  SweetPUB II or Fat Jacks: The Pub is my newfound love.Chocolate or Candy: Both. Obviously.



Her Campus ISU: What is your favorite thing about Blo-no?

Jenna Brauer: The variety of things you can do! If you’re looking for a classy night, you can go Uptown Normal to dinner at a nice restaurant. If you’re looking for the typical college night out, downtown Bloomington has tons to offer!


HC ISU: What are you involved in on campus?

JB: I’m on the executive board for Epsilon Sigma Alpha and also on the executive board for St. Jude Up Til Dawn. Also,  I work at the Vidette. I’m on the marketing team for RevelU and I am also a PINK Campus Rep!


HC ISU: What are you hoping to do after you graduate?

JB: Turn my Public Relations internship with the St. Jude office in Chicago into a full time job!  


HC ISU: What would your perfect vacation be?

JB:  Pretty much how I spent my spring break… in Jamaica, on a beach, with unlimited margs 24/7.


HC ISU: What is your go-to going out outfit?

JB: Always something comfy… if I must put on “real” pants (leggings are pants), I normally wear jeans, a simple top with cute statement jewelry and fun shoes!


HC ISU: What is your perfect Friday night?

JB: Preparing for the night with a nap, then actually being able to decide what to wear in less than an hour! Then going out with all my friends and just having a fun and (maybe) memorable night with lots of pictures!

HC ISU: What is your biggest pet peeve?

JB:  When people don’t have basic table manners. EW.

When the chipotle guy reminds you that guac is extra. I know. Just give me my guac and don’t remind me about how broke I am.


HC ISU: Who is your celebrity crush and why?

JB: Ok don’t judge… but I’m kinda a little obsessed with One Direction after Night Changes. You have to admit that’s a good song…


HC ISU: What is one thing that guys would find surprising about you?

JB: I am honestly kinda terrible at being a girl… I never know what to do with my hair and rarely wear makeup during the week.


HC ISU: What is the first thing you notice about a guy?

JB: If they are laid back and fun to be around, that’s super important.


HC ISU: If a guy came up to you and started a conversation, what is one thing that would immediately make you want to walk away?

JB: If the conversation was awkward; I’m not good in awkward situations. I would HAVE to walk away or I would end up laughing and embarrassing myself.


HC ISU: Okay, being blunt here, what is your biggest turn off?

JB: When a guy isn’t close with family, that tells you A LOT.


HC ISU: Most embarrassing date story?

JB: On one of my first dates with my boyfriend, I ran into the door (like full on smacked my face) leaving dinner because I thought the “pull” door was a “push”. Typical. I asked him if anyone saw and he laughed then assured me no one saw. Later on in the relationship, he told me a lot of people did see. And they laughed. Lucky for me, he accepted my lack of coordination and kept dating me.

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