ISU Womens Rally

Today on ISU’s campus there was a march/rally for women’s rights. This march was put on by Illinois State’s own Social Work Club and these women wanted their voices and opinions to be heard. Watching these women stand up and scream and chant for what they believe to be right was very inspiring to watch. Although they were only on Schroeder Plaza for about an hour these women truly got peoples’ attention and made them take notice of the causes they were talking about.

President of the ISU Social Work Club Aly Ford said that the purpose for them being there was to “to get exposure for people of different minorities on campus who haven’t been recognized for the strengths they truly show...” Aly Ford, pictured below also went on to say when asked about the ISU social work club that the group is all about being inclusive and is open to all majors.

In total, there were about 10 to 15 people participating in the rally with some men and women filtering in and out. Many women in the club were holding up signs showing off what they think about women’s rights in the United States right now. They chanted sayings like “My body, my choice” as well as “Women’s rights are human rights”. The women of the ISU Social Work Club stood for what they believe is right and let their voices be heard, and that is very inspiring.

Seeing all these women rally together was really cool to see, it makes me hopeful for what the future has in store for all women. Right now women are not equal and it’s good to know that when we have to we can lift each other up and stand together. Things may seem rough for women now but we will fight back and keep our heads up high because we know we are strong.