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ISU Fashion Show Designer Spotlight: Kelly Blyth

70’s vibes are all the rage right now and senior, Kelly Blyth’s collection for the Illinois State Fashion Show speaks to that! Graphic tees, bell-bottoms, and vintage fabrics are what her designs are all about. Read on to learn more about Kelly!

Her Campus: Have you always been a fashion major?

Kelly Blyth: I haven’t always been a fashion major. Growing up I played a lot of different sports and I was very passionate about fitness. I came to ISU to be a physical education teacher. I ended up changing my major to fashion. I loved sewing and I couldn’t keep my creativity hidden. Switching majors was the best decision for me and I am so excited for the future in the fashion industry.

HC: Why do you love fashion?

Kelly: I love fashion because you can express the way you’re feeling through clothing. I am all about staple pieces. I think my style is filled with basics that go with great fashion items. I try to dress on the more casual street style vibe. I really enjoy taking inspiration from other time periods and making my own twists on those styles during that time. This also reflects on my designs.

HC: What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Kelly: The inspiration behind my collection was the 1970’s. This semester I am doing an independent study where I get to spend time in the Lois Jett costume collection and study different styles during that time. I love pulling inspiration from the costume collection and creating modernized versions of those garments. You can expect a lot of toned down fall colors with vintage fabric!

HC: What is something interesting about yourself that sets your apart from other designers?

Kelly: I think what sets me apart from the others designers is my aesthetic. I am very simple and minimalistic. When I design I always think “Is the garment wearable?” I shine through my sewing skills and design details in my garments. You can expect a very clean-cut collection this year!

HC: What inspires your design process?

Kelly: I take a lot of inspiration through media. I like to recreate garments that I see in movies and in television. I am also very inspired by reconstructing older garments. When I see an older garment I tend to look at it with an idea of completely changing how it looks.

HC: Give us a little idea about what we can expect to see in your collection.

Kelly: This year you can expect the relaxed side to the 70’s. No disco or funky glasses! The collection incudes classic bell-bottoms, tailored menswear and of course some graphic tees! Most of the fabrics I am using are also 20+ years old! A vintage vibe will definitely be shown. I am extremely excited to see the finished collection! I hope you all like it!

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