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ISU Fashion Show Designer Spotlight: Alex Case

Trying something new is always exciting! Senior Alex Case decided to take on a new experience as she prepares her first collection for the Illinois State Fashion Show.

Her Campus: Have you always been a fashion major?

Alex Case: I have always been a fashion major and it is a career path that I have wanted to be apart of for as long as I can remember.

HC: Why do you love fashion?

Alex: I love fashion because of how exciting it is. People are able to express their individuality and personalities through clothing. Never have I seen fashion as just clothing, but as art and how we portray ourselves.

HC: What is the inspiration behind your collection?

Alex: My inspiration behind my collection is my journey here at Illinois State University. It’s me looking back at my experiences, what I have learned and what skills I have gained. My collection is a representation of who I am today and who I have become! It’s a nod to my future career path and a thank you to my family and friends for supporting me along my amazing journey.

HC: What is something interesting about yourself that sets your apart from other designers?

Alex: I don’t know how well this will set me apart from other designers, but designing for this show is a first! I am a merchandising major so designing and sewing has always been a hobby for as long as I can remember from taking a couple of intro sewing classes to being self-taught. Getting to participate in the fashion show is so thrilling and I can’t wait to show my work with other very talented designers.

HC: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Alex: My biggest fashion inspiration is Marilyn Monroe. She is an icon for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons I adore her is the fact that she didn’t care how people viewed her and did what made her happy. One day she would dress so simple and casual, then other days she would dress so girly and over the top. It depended on her mood and that’s how I like to dress. Of course, no matter what she would wear, she would look fabulous.

HC: Give us a little idea about what we can expect to see in your collection.

Alex: With my collection you will get to see vibrant, bold pieces with a variety of looks just within a four piece collection that ties all together.

HC: I’m sure your first collection will be fabulous! We can’t wait to see your looks!

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