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I watched all the Marvel movies (as someone who knows nothing about Marvel)

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Yes, I know it’s 2022…

But for some reason, I was never interested in all of the hype, commotion and lore around the Marvel movies. I knew the basic Avengers existed, like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spiderman. I knew Thanos was the bad guy. I knew End Game was quite the saga. Looking back, my knowledge of the MCU was less than surface level. 

Now, post-watching, I don’t claim to be an expert on the MCU—there is still so much I have to learn. I will say that I absolutely fell in love with the movies, the characters, their stories, their flaws, their triumphs and their failures. I feel so late to the hype, but the MCU is still going stronger than ever. Look how popular No Way Home was, and a new Dr. Strange movie is on the way! I think even people who say that don’t like superhero movies would like Marvel movies. The love stories, callbacks, tragedies and plot twists truly suck you in, and now I can’t get enough. 

The Movies

The first Marvel movie I saw was Iron Man 1. Needless to say, it has remained my favorite movie. I was instantly drawn to Tony Stark (who isn’t?!). His character, charm, courage and flirtatious nature easily made him one of my favorite characters. His character arch is arguably one of the best of the MCU. Although he’ll always be a “Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist,” he will also be selfless, willing to risk his life for those who fought beside him.  

My second favorite Marvel movie is Captain America: Winter Soldier. This movie changed my mind about Steve Rogers. He is much edgier, cooler, and of course, Black Widow being his sidekick is always amazing to watch. This movie had a lot of plot twists and made my jaw drop multiple times. A lot of the shots in the movie are pretty amazing, and the callback to The Winter Soldier elevator scene in End Game is too. Good. 

This may go without saying, but Avengers Infinity War and End Game are also high on my list. The insane power of Thanos, the fact that the movie truly ends with half the world being blipped is wild to watch. Getting to see Wanda and Vision together, Tony giving up the time stone, and seeing the folks from Guardians of the Galaxy meet was a true whirlwind. Then, the ending of End Game which I don’t think I’ll ever get over. 

The Character 

My top 5 characters:

  1. Iron Man: I already touched on my love for Tony Stark earlier, and that is mainly for his character arch. He grew so much and gave up so much while realizing the right way to use his power. 
  1. Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda, is also one of my favorites. Her ability to break the mind stone was so powerful, yet equally as heartbreaking. I see so much hurt in Wanda, but my favorite scene is when she comes out of the house after talking to Clint, and truly is an Avenger. 
  1. Black Widow: Black Widow is a baddie. No way around it. Her wit, fight and strength, despite not having a “power,” prove her to be a true fighter. Her friendship with the other Avengers (and love for Bruce Banner) makes me love her character so much. 
  1. Captain America: Captain America is a bit too optimistic for me at times, but I still love his drive and loyalty. Like I mentioned, his movie The Winter Soldier really made me grow to be fond of Captain America. Also, how he definitely was right in Civil War
  1. Vision: While he may not have been around for a long time, Vision was easily my favorite part of Avengers: Age of Ultron. His wisdom and complete 180 from Ultron made me love him even more. When he saved Wanda, well, that was the start of everything for them, and I love a good love story. 

While it may seem a bit random to have gotten into the MCU so late, I am so happy I did. I encourage everyone to give the movies a chance, even if you think superhero movies are not your thing, Tony Stark may just be what changes your mind. 

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