How To Up Your Instagram Game

How To Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram (if done right) can be an art. Yes, there are the Pablo Picassos of Instagram out there. I’m talking about those Instagrammers who make their Insta flawless. The perfect lighting, filter, and even caption. Their Instagram has a theme and aesthetic that looks just so… perfect, like the Instagram below. How can you step up your Insta-game and have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram? No worries, HC ISU is here to tell you!


WARNING: If you could care less about what your Instagram looks like, this might sound a little crazy. Stop here now!!

What you’ll need:


Taking your pictures.

You don’t need a professional camera to take a great pic. Grab your cellphone and a friend and head out to shoot! What I always recommend to my friends is to take pictures outside. Outside has the most glorious lighting and it will make your picture easier to edit. Try different angles because sometimes being in the center of the picture is boring. Change it up! The best type of day for photos is when there is an overcast. Overcast creates the best lighting, and you aren’t squinting or blocked by shadows on your face. If there isn’t an overcast go find some shade. Never forget to take a lot of photos so you can choose your favorite! If you’re taking a selfie go by a window to make use of the lighting. This makes such a difference I promise.

Bad Lighting:    


Good Lighting:

Choose a filter and stick with it.

I recommend using VSCO to edit all of your photos. VSCO has preset filters that work magic on their own. Choose a filter that works with the types of pictures you take. Once you choose a filter that is adaptable to several of your pictures, stick with it! If you use the same filter for each post your Instagram will look more cohesive.

Be a little picky with your pictures.

This may be a little annoying, but trust me, be picky with what you post. Choose photos that are clear, good lighting, and work with your filter. Not every picture will look great with the filter you choose. Yes, I know you want to post your picture from the bar that’s a little blurry (wonder why) but don’t! Trust me if you have to wonder if a picture looks blurry, it probably is.

Bad Quality:                                                                                                                                                             

Good Quality:


Look to see if it will look good with your other Instagram posts.

There is an App called “UNUM” and it has made Instagramming so simple (thanks Hannah for telling me about it). What it does is load your photos from your Instagram and shows what your Instagram will look like with the new post, without posting it. This helps to see if the shade and filter match well to create a cohesiveness.

Think of a clever caption.

This is by far the hardest thing about Instagramming. You want to post your work of art, but you have no way of putting it to words. Instead of simply making your caption an emoji, give it some time and thought. Often times you will think of a clever caption hours after posting. Think for a little bit and a caption idea will come to you. If not, you can use an emoji, we’ve all done it.

Have fun with it.

Honestly, Instagram is just a fun way to express yourself. Don’t take it too seriously and worry terribly about what your Instagram looks like. These tips are for those who are looking to spice up their Insta a little and challenge their creative side! Have fun with it, and remember these tips on how to up your Insta-game!