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How To Throw an Unforgettable Halloween Party

Halloween is quickly approaching, and thanks to the vaccine, we are able to celebrate with all our loved ones this year. Ever since I was a child, I knew one day I was going to throw a Halloween party like the ones I saw in the movies. With that said, in order to throw a party that nobody is going to forget, you can’t do it last minute—this takes preparation. Keep reading to find out how to throw a Halloween party nobody will stop talking about.

Make a Pinterest Board

When thinking about a party, a lot goes into it, so I advise making a Pinterest board where you can add all your ideas and have a visual of how you want the night to look. If you have a theme for your party this is where you can find inspiration on how to make your vision come to fruition. I know I have found a ton of ideas for decorations and treats, and it has also helped me stay organized throughout this process, having a place to reference when I want to brainstorm more ideas for the party.

Be Extra

Halloween is not the time to be minimal or play it safe, this is when you pull out all the stops. Depending on your budget, you can even consider buying a fog machine, disco lights and unique decor. I buy a lot of my basic Halloween decor at Dollar Tree, but if you want your party to stand out you will have to expand your horizons. Take a look at Etsy or Amazon, they have a lot of great finds, especially for themed decor that will impress your party guests. This is crucial if you’re having a theme, you will need to find decor that represents that, so if you can’t afford to spend the extra money, make it a DIY project.

Make Spooky Treats & Drinks 

Another tip in making your party not blend in with the rest is going the extra mile by having food and drinks that add to the Halloween ambiance. Instead of simply having a bowl of Doritos laying out, go the extra mile and make a Halloween-themed charcuterie board. Have a mixture of sweet and savory sweets. Pizza may seem like the easiest option, but that will get expensive really quickly, so your best bet is making all the food. For drinks, the options are endless. You can make bloody marys or a spooky Halloween punch—go big or go home!

Treat it like a Movie

Life is too short to not treat your life like a movie where you are the main character, and what better time to fully immerse yourself in this mindset than a Halloween party. Think of activities that will make your party stand out. Of course, you’ll need to have beer pong and good music, but take it up a notch! Have a scary movie playing in the background with popcorn, have a costume contest with prizes and don’t forget to have a jack-o’lantern on your front porch (that’s a staple.) Make sure to capture the spooky night and all its glory by purchasing a disposable camera to take pictures and have the party documented forever. 

Ultimately, the party is only as good as the people there, so make sure to only invite people you actually want to be there. Halloween is all about dressing up, getting scared and having a good time with your friends. Since I am past the appropriate age for trick or treating, having an unforgettable Halloween party is the only option that will suffice. Wishing you all a very happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading, V

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