How To Stay Organized As a Busy College Student


Most college spring semesters are back into the swing of things by now, and being a college student can be a pretty stressful job.  Sometimes it is hard to stay organized with such a hectic schedule.  Being a student, having a job, having an internship, being a part of RSO’s and being in a sorority can make staying organized a bit more difficult.  With all the priorities and homework assignments, sometimes being a college student can make you feel like your life is in shambles. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic but it can be incredibly stressful to stay on task with all that you have to do on a weekly basis. Here are a few ways to de-stress and stay organized.

Keep a planner - and use it! Every time an assignment is announced in class or a date comes up for an upcoming event, write it down in your planner so that it’s there to look back on.  Another thing that college students sometimes have trouble with is referring back to their planner. Take it out before doing your homework to make sure you’re not missing any assignments.


Use Your Smartphone for Reminders - iPhones automatically come with a reminders app and for non-iPhone users there are apps to download that are very similar.  College students are always on their phones and what better way to be reminded of things that need to be done or a meeting you need to attend than with an alert on your smartphone. It’s at your fingertips at all times and you can set up reminders right on the spot so not to forget about it.


Make To-do Lists - It sounds like common sense, but they really help! Writing down everything that you need to accomplish in the day or the week  and seeing it written out can really help clear your head to see exactly what you need to do. It is reassuring to cross things off that list to know that you have less to get done.


Keep a Note Pad or Sticky Notes Around - Keep a note pad nearby to jot down quick notes to remind you to add to your to-do list or planner later on.

Label - Label notebooks or binders with the corresponding course so that you are sure to grab the right notebooks for the right classes.  It always sucks getting to class and realizing you grabbed the wrong notebook.


Prepare the Night Before - Mornings can be rough if you are not a morning person.  To sleep in for those few extra minutes, pack your backpack and everything you may need for the following day the night before.  When you have a clear head at night you can make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything.  Picking out what you’re going to wear can also eliminate a few extra minutes from your morning and make getting ready a little more organized and little less stressful.


Plan Your Week Ahead On Sunday Night - Take a few minutes on Sunday to look ahead for the week.  Write down everything that is due for the upcoming week in your planner (and don’t forget to use it!)  This way you are aware of any important meetings, exams, projects or homework assignments due so that you can either get a head start or be prepared for a slow or hectic week.  This can help you organize your time management for the week as well.