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How to Spring Break Like A Professional

When you think of college what do you think of? Long nights at the library? Light night Taco Bell runs? Skipping a few classes here and there because let’s face it, you make your own schedule so you get to choose when to attend and when not to attend, right? On top of all of those things, most of us also have many fond memories of college spring break. Whether it’s your first spring break or you’re a SB pro, it’s important to have fun, but also make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Sit back, relax, and let HC give you some advice on how to become a professional spring breaker.


Don’t over-pack

It’s a natural instinct to want to go on a pre spring break shopping spree. You’ve worked all semester long to finally be on a fabulous vaca, and you intend to live it up Kardashian style. However, fortunately for you most of your friends are also going to be thinking the same way. If you all communicate and agree to share, you can save yourself the trouble of lugging a heavy suitcase along, save money, and still manage to look fabulous every day of your break.

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Stay off of your phone unless you’re taking pictures

As previously stated, spring break is about rewarding yourself for working hard all semester, and also for making memories. Of course you’re going to want to communicate with your loved ones who aren’t on the trip with you, but make sure you’re living in the moment. We get caught up in social media, spend too much time texting, and end up feeling like we missed out. Make sure you still take those Instagram worthy photos, but put the phone down after to really enjoy what’s going on around you. On top of this, you don’t want to have to tell your parents you need a phone replacement because you lost your phone on spring break.

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Stay hydrated

Let’s face it, sometimes we have too many Piña Coladas and end up feeling a little drowsy. As much as having 4 Coladas sounds appealing, drinking water on your trip is a must. You will likely be consuming different beverages all day. All that dehydration and no hydration is a recipe for disaster. Pay attention to the amount that you’ve had. If you’re starting at 9 a.m. and plan to be out all day, make sure you at least take a half time water break.

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Remember to eat

Just as hydrating is important, so is making sure your body is getting nutrients. If you are only consuming beverages your body will go into starvation mode. If you think accessing food is going to be challenging during your vacation, pack easy to go snacks, such as nuts, protein or fruit bars, or dried fruits. This way, you at least get your Vitamin C as well as getting some food in your body.

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Yes, that bronze glow is one of the best parts of Spring Break. If you’re going somewhere with a warm temperature and lots of sunshine, bring sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before going out for your daily festivities, as well as half way through the day. While getting a tan is important, you want to protect your skin. If you don’t apply sunscreen you will end up with a burn and be miserable for the rest of your break.

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Look out for your friends

Yes, it is important to focus on living in the moment and not focusing on your phone. However, keep your phone with you. It is easy to get split up from the group, and you will want to be able to communicate. Travel as a group when you are going out, and always make sure to care for your friends who seem to have overdone it a little. Never leave anyone behind, even if you feel like they are “ruining” your time. You would want someone to do the same for you.

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Enjoy yourself

Safety first at all times, but enjoy yourself! College students are over worked and always need a break at this point in the semester. It is impossible to be all work and no play all of the time. Enjoy your friends, make memories, and forget that you have to go back to being studious in a week.

Safety first at all times, but enjoy yourself! College students are over worked and always need a break at this point in the semester. It is impossible to be all work and no play all of the tim

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