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How to Prepare for Finals and Avoid Stress

It’s about that time of the semester where the excitement of the summer approaching coincides with the year coming to an end. But with the end of the year comes everyone’s dreaded reality; finals. Finals can be a breeze or a week full of never-ending stress, depending on the steps taken to prepare.

In order to make finals a breeze this year, here are some tips to avoid stress and yield success:

Make A Plan

Whether it be writing what you have to get done in a calendar, making a to do list, or splitting up work so that you’re on the right track, having some sort of plan will only serve you positive results.

Get Started Ahead Of Time

If you know you have weeks to prepare for a final project or test, getting started ahead of time can avoid the last-minute anxiety to get everything finished. This could mean simply spending a few minutes a day to reintroduce yourself to material, or to familiarize yourself with project elements. 


Create Study Groups

Study groups can be really beneficial, especially when it comes to finals. When you are far into your major coursework, study groups based on people who are in your major classes can be incredibly helpful to your success. Study groups allow different people to bounce ideas, notes, and questions off of each other. If you have the option and the time to study with people, I highly recommend it. 

Give Yourself A Break

While it’s smart to have a plan and to get started ahead of time, breaks are also just as crucial to remain level-headed and on track. If you find yourself under pressure or that too much is piling up, take a deep breath, and find some time to take a break. This could mean meditating, journaling, going on a walk, taking a nap, hanging out with friends, etc. Breaks are essential elements in preparing for finals in order to eliminate overworking or a burnout mentality.

Remind Yourself Of Reality

Last, but certainly not least, remind yourself of the reality of finals. They are one week of the year and they are not going to make or break your entire future. It is important to try your hardest and do your best, but it’s also important to remember the outcome, whatever it may be, is not the end of the world.

With that being said, I wish you all the best of luck in your finals week and I hope some of these tips help you out!

Annie Atwood

Illinois State '22

My name is Annie Atwood and I am a senior at Illinois State majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology. I have a passion for writing, reading, and creating media and content for the public!
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