How to Make Soap

Now this is something that I am wanting to do. Even though I have never done this before yet I have watched videos and have done my research on this topic. All of these supplies you can get at Michaels or Amazon. The recipe I will be explaining is from Soap Queen called Pumpkin Pie Melt and Pour Soap. This recipe is for beginners and will take about 1-2 hours.

The ingredients/ supplies you will need:



1. Chop and melt 12 oz. of the Clear Melt and Pour Base and 1 oz. of the Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base in the microwave using 20 second bursts.  Once melted, add shavings of the Shimmer Cappuccino Color Block and stir until they have melted and the soap is a rich brown color. If needed, place the soap back into the microwave using 10 second bursts to reheat.

2. Pour the brown soap evenly into all 12 cavities of the mold. Each cavity will receive about 1 oz. of soap. After pouring, spray each cavity with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bubbles. Set aside to cool and harden. 

via Soap Queen

3. Chop and melt 40 oz. of Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base in the microwave using 30 second bursts. Once completely melted, add shavings of the Perfect Orange Color Block until you have reached a soft orange color. Note that because the base is white, the soap will never be bright orange. If you prefer a brighter orange color, you may consider using clear soap for this step.

4. Add 1 oz. of the Pumpkin Pie Candle and Soap Fragrance Oil and stir to combine. Then, 1 oz. of the Vanilla Color Stabilizer into the soap and stir to thoroughly combine. The Vanilla Color Stabilizer is used to prevent the Pumpkin Pie Candle and Soap Fragrance Oil from discoloring the soap.

5. Add three large tablespoons of ground pumpkin seeds and stir to combine and get rid of any large chunks. Then, add a few dashes of ground cinnamon. You do not need to add too much; you want just enough so that you see a few dashes of it in the soap.


via Soap Queen

6. Check the temperature of the orange soap. You want to make sure it is no hotter than 125 ° F. If it is too hot, the ground pumpkin seeds will not stay at the top and the soap may melt the dark brown layer below. Check to make sure the brown soap has cooled and developed a thick skin in order to support the orange soap. Spritz the brown layers with rubbing alcohol to help the orange soap stick, and gently pour the orange soap into each cavity. Spritz the soap with alcohol to get rid of any bubbles.


via Soap Queen

7. Immediately sprinkle the top of the soap with a fine dust of ground cinnamon. Allow to fully cool and harden. To avoid glycerin dew, wrap them immediately in plastic wrap, or another airtight packaging option.


via Soap Queen

I would definitely like to try to create soap because it seems like a fun hobby and it is like art.

Here is some more inspiration:

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