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How to Deal with Tricky Roommates

It’s finally the new year and new semester. It’s a chance for you to start from scratch and go into this year with a bang! However, it can still be tough going back to school after the long break we just had. You miss your family, school gets overwhelming again, and you can’t just sit in bed and watch Netflix all day, sadly. Going back to campus was kind of stressful for me because I live in a sorority house, which means that I basically have to deal with *twenty-five* other roommates. Crazy, right? Here are some of the tips that I’ve followed in the past and that I think would be beneficial to follow coming into the new year with your roommates:


Communication is key!! This is a good tip for roommates, friends, family, school, work, and basically any other life situation you can think of. If you don’t communicate about your concerns, there will be unnecessary tension causing more stress to arise from the situation and nobody wants that, duh. We all already have enough on our plate as it is, getting your feelings off your chest in a respectful way can benefit all parties involved.

Give them space

If they have a lot of homework, they’re in a bad mood, or if they have friends over then it’s probably a good idea to give them a little space. It can be hard if you guys are best friends, but it’s not healthy to be around the same person 24/7. You guys will 100% get soooo sick and tired of each other and will be at each other’s throats. If they have a zoom, maybe go to the Bone and study or if their friends come over to have a movie night, stay in your room and do a face mask. If you give them space, they’ll probably follow your example and do the same.


This is also a HUGE one. Without compromise, one person will always be left unhappy. Compromising will fulfill both of your needs and help smooth things over. I think this is a good tip to follow when it comes to doing chores around your apartment or house. Nobody likes chores, but you guys are paying to live there and someone has to do them eventually. Help make a system together that fits around both of your school schedules. This can be a bonding moment for the both of you to get to know each other’s lives better while also taking up responsibilities. If it’s a big chore, you guys could even do it together. The possibilities are endless.

Quality Time

Earlier I said giving your roommates space is important, but there needs to be a healthy balance of that and quality time. Even if you and your roommate don’t see eye to eye and seem like you have nothing in common, it’s still important to be in their lives. If you live with someone and you don’t talk, that’s going to be hella awkward. Set aside your schoolwork when it’s convenient for both of you and just have a conversation with them. Make sure that they’re doing okay, maybe go out and get food or coffee together. You could even just go on a drive and jam to your favorite music. Personally, my favorite car jam at the moment is "Driver’s License" by Olivia Rodrigo, 10/10 would recommend if you haven’t already heard it ;)

Following these steps could lead to be the start of a new friendship or it can boost an old one. Either way, these tips could help you and your roommates to have the best college experiences you could possibly have. Sometimes you just have to take the first step.

Bella Sibenaller

Illinois State '23

Hi, my name is Bella and I'm a junior here at Illinois State. I'm a psychology major, but I'm also going into nursing. At ISU, I am also apart of the National Society for Leadership and Success and currently serve as the social chair. My hometown is Charleston, Illinois. It's a super small town south of ISU. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and Facetiming my eight year old sister. If you have any questions about Her Campus or any of the other organizations I'm involved in, please reach out! My Instagram is @bellajsib.
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