Her Own Perspective On Beauty


Hello my Queens! We as woman are told how to constantly change ourselves to please “others” however, we personally are never asked what actually makes us feel beautiful or what about ourselves we actually love. Were always told what to change. So I have asked some of my fellow queens to let me know what makes them feel beautiful. Here are their beautiful responses!


“My eyes”

“Wearing a brand new outfit”

“Curling my hair”

“A hot pair of heels, they make me walk in like I own the place!!!”

“Fresh highlights in my hair!”

“Definitely clear and glowy skin!”

“Dressing up”

“My eye makeup after I do my mascara and eyeliner”

“As I’ve mentioned earlier I have an accomplishment based ego, so whenever I reach whatever goal I set for myself I feel really great about myself and indulge myself with some sort of reward”

“I love the fact that I look different than most people. I have red hair and blue eyes and I have grown to love my unique look. It’s a big part of me and I love that I stand out.”

“I love my hair! My friends and I joke that it should be insured! lol”

“Wearing an outfit I think looks really cool and put together if I look out together it makes me feel like I have my life together lol”

“Having my eyebrows done”

“Fresh manicure and pedicure”


It's the simple things a woman does that gives herself a rush of beauty.


Sharing these comments, knowing that the confidence within ourselves is still alive is so comforting to me and hopefully to other women. I want to show you all that it takes only the little things to carry you out of those harmful self esteem commentaries in your head. Ignore those voices, tape their mouths shut, its your time to speak out and let society know what makes you feel beautiful.

I want all my queens to let that confidence thrive from your hair line through your heart and down to your toes. Let your skin glow with confidence and leak happiness. Whenever you're feeling low, look back at these comments, remind yourself what makes you feel beautiful, truly happy, truly confident. That feeling we all experience from a split second to a day to a week! Show me what brings warmth to your cheeks, the tingling sensation in your fingertips, when your heart beat skips a beat, and your teeth clench so hard as you hold back a laugh. It is the small stuff you do yourself that cause your mind and body to react in a positive way.  

It is not others approval for what makes you feel or look beautiful it is your own power and confidence.

My job through this article is too keep that feeling, that moment forever of pure happiness, glowing in all Queens and all she had to do was believe in herself.  

XOXO Stay Royal My Queens






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