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Harvard Graduate and Asian-American Artist, Elephante, Talks About Chasing After His Dreams and Making His Own Tie-Dye Pieces

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Tim, also known as Elephante, sat down with me to chat about life and fashion. Of course, I felt nervous and intimidated at first because he has accomplished so much and continues to strive for more. Let me just tell you: he had such a positive aura, making me feel at ease as we started talking. As most of us would say about someone that’s easygoing, he’s very chill.

The Harvard graduate (yes, you read that right!) had a consulting job before deciding to leave it and follow his dreams. 

“Growing up, being a musician wasn’t a real option,” Tim recalled. “But it was one of those things where I just tried for years and years to have the normal ‘doing what you’re supposed to do.'”

It took him years to make the decision to just go for it — and you can definitely say it was worth every ounce of courage.

Elephante is quickly making a name for himself as an artist, producer, performer, and DJ. In the span of two years, he has cumulated over 220 million streams.

To anyone who wants to chase their dreams, his advice is, “You don’t have to conquer the world on your first try. You should be doing what you love. If you really care and that’s really your dream, you’ll make time to figure that out. If that consumes you and that’s the only thing that fulfills you, there’s a way to make that happen.”

The Michigan native released “Glass Mansion EP” in 2018. The EP reached the #1 spot on iTunes Top Dance Albums Chart. With his latest single “Otherside” following the success of “The In Between,” he keeps impressing the world with his achievements. 

This fall, Elephante will be headlining the Monster Energy Up & Up Festival, which is a unique competition among college students to win and see a performance by the headliner.

Not only does he make music, but Elephante also creates his own tie-dye pieces. Tie-dye has become trendier and cooler, so I understand his obsession with it. Real fashion fans get it, am I right or am I right?

The talented DJ is a huge fan of fashion and design. Right now, his go-to look consists of bright and pastel colors with a combination of baggy clothes on top and a pair of slim bottoms. 

“I’ve been getting really into accessories,” he told me as he showed me some pieces he brought back from his European getaway. 

When asked about how his style has evolved over the years, Elephante said: “I think I’ve gotten braver.”

Now, he follows the philosophy that you have to put yourself out there. 



Celina Aquino

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