Halloween Costume Ideas for the Ultimate Squad Goals

Halloween is creeping up on us and it is so much more fun to dress up with your friends! Whether it is 2 of you or 6, these costumes will give you and your best friends the ultimate squad goals.


Police Officer


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Lay down the law with this cute costume! This arresting look is super easy to pair up with a friend. There are many ways to dress up for the costume, so it can easily be a DIY project.


Pink Ladies

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You’re the one that I want! These Grease inspired costumes are too sassy to pass up. A Pink ladies jacket could easily be found on Amazon!


80’s Workout Theme

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Let’s get physical! This 80’s workout costume is fun, colorful, and can be dressed up in so many ways!


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Genie in a bottle! Make everyone’s wishes come true in this genie costume.


Jungle Theme


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Show some jungle love in these cute cave women outfits! Grab your girls and bring out your wild sides.


Remember, you are never too old to dress up for Halloween!