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It’s almost Christmas time, and that means gift giving and getting. I know that sometimes it can be pretty hard to decide what to get for everyone. I also know that it can sometimes be difficult to decide what you want for Christmas. So, I figured I would help you all out and tell you what my family does. For our gift exchange we do a basket exchange, which I think can be really fun and makes it a little easier and cheaper because then we don’t have to buy gifts for everyone. Here are some interesting ideas for baskets that I have found on Pinterest or have done myself. 

Cozy Basket

I love this idea because it is something that everybody can enjoy. You can include different things in it depending on who you are giving it to. When I made a cozy basket, I included a blanket, a pillow, two mugs, hot chocolate, two spoons and bowls (for soup) and a candle. But you can include anything that you think is cozy. 

 Movie Night Basket 

This is another easy one, because you can do it however you want to. You can choose however many movies you want to include which could even be zero. With all the streaming networks that there are nowadays some people don’t even own a DVD player. Therefore, this means you could just include the essentials for having the perfect movie night. 

Game Night Basket

I think that this one could get expensive, but it’s definitely another easy one. It’s super simple because you can find board games pretty much anywhere. I also think that this is really similar to the movie night basket where you could get as many games as you want and then just include what you think is essential for having the perfect game night. 

Color Basket 

This idea is one that you can really theme around a specific person. Choose their favorite color and go out and find as many items as you want that are that color. You can choose to put in whatever you want to make a super cute, color-themed basket.

 Baking Basket

This one is a little bit harder to make for anyone, because not everybody likes to bake. However, if you know someone that loves to bake you could make them a basket like this. For this basket you could include a cake or brownie mix, measuring cups/spoons, kitchen towels, sprinkles, a bowl, etc. 

Hopefully, these ideas can help you get gifts for people, come up with your own cool ideas, and/or help your family or friends have a new way to do gifts. There are so many different types of baskets you can do and I only included five here, but these cover so many different types of people. 

Nastassja Ott

Illinois State '22

Junior at Illinois State University Early Childhood Education Major I love reading, writing, drawing, and coloring in my free time
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