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One of the most exciting days of the year is coming up. Nope, not Christmas. Season 24 of ‘THE BACHELOR’ is back on Monday, January 6. As the date comes closer, the more excited I am to see our bachelor Peter Weber take on the journey to find love. Although it didn’t quite work out with our last bachelorette Hannah Brown, I have high hopes for him this time around. However, to get prepared for this new season, there are some things I think you should know before kicking off the season. 

  1. Pilot Peter. He is a pilot for Delta airlines, which was mentioned last season. Plus, his instagram handle gives it away (@pilot_pete). His instagram is filled with many pictures of his adventures of being a pilot, which it should be since it runs in his family. Both his brother and father are pilots too. 

  2. Peter can speak both Spanish and German. It is pretty helpful to know as a pilot, but it is definitely a skill I hope to see more on this upcoming season. I’m sure all the ladies on this season will find him even more attractive when he flexes a few foreign sentences to them. 

  3. Peter lives at home still. He lives with his parents in Westlake Village, California. Since he is on the job pretty often and still hasn’t found love, he has just stayed at home. Although, Chris Harrison mentioned on ‘The Final Rose’ that his home is only minutes away from the Bachelor Mansion. If he finds love this season, we can expect him to move out soon though. 

  4. As mentioned earlier, he was on the last season of ‘The Bachelorette’. Not only was he on it, but he made it to Hannah’s final three. The two had a very strong connection and it was clear that Peter would make a great fiance to anyone. Hopefully this makes for an exciting love-filled season for Peter. 

  5. The dates we have seen Peter on are EXTREMELY romantic. The guy knows how to woo a lady. When with Hannah on his hometown date he flew her over California and showed her how he lives his life. He even planned a romantic dinner for two. 

We can definitely expect to see a very romantic and loving season with Peter. He seems like a pretty lowkey simple guy, but he seems different from the other bachelors from previous seasons. I definitely am more than excited than a kid on Christmas for this season. Be sure to tune into ABC, January 6 at 8 pm and expect some turbulence on Peter’s search for love.

Chloe Lindbom

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