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Get to Know Almondmilkhunni: Your New Favorite Hustling, Irresistible Bad B*tch of Pop-R&B

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Almondmilkhunni is an extraordinary songstress that will capture your heart. From her humble beginnings in Philadelphia to a working college student, she’s become a fan-favorite on the internet after the release of her viral hit, “Grapefruit“. Her breakthrough single catapulted her career to the next level. 

The bad b*tch is ready to introduce herself with her debut self-titled EP, “Almondmilkhunni“. In the midst of the craziness, I had the chance to talk to her. Get to know Brandy Schwechler, AKA Almondmilkhunni. 

Her love for debate and history inspired her to study political science and law in college.

“I used to love debate and history in school,” she explains. “It made a lot of sense for me to study poli-sci and law in college.” 

While she’s now focusing fully on music, she misses some of the classes and learning about her favorite subjects. She enjoyed history, philosophy, and political theory. 

“Almondmilkhunni” comes from her stint as a barista at Starbucks.  

Schwechler was your everyday, hardworking college student from Philly. She worked as a barista at a local Starbucks, where she discovered almond milk. Almond milk would later inspire her alter-ego.

Schwechler tells us how the name came about: “It was like a little bit before it got super popular, and I just thought it was a funny username since I would always get almond milk in my drinks. Once I started dropping music, everyone online mostly knew me as Almondmilkhunni, so I decided to keep it as my artist name too.”

Since then, her unique social media handle has stuck with her fans.

She was a dancer/stripper.

She had to work in different jobs to put herself through college. Aside from being a barista, she was working in retail as well as dancing/stripping before making the decision to focus on her music career more. 

If you’ve ever considered being a stripper, or just thought about it, Schwechler gives us a little bit of insight. 

“You never know if you’re cut out for dancing until you get up on that stage for the first time,” she shares. “I’ve seen more girls than I can count thinking they can drop out and become a stripper, but they leave the club after their first time on stage.”

She’s witnessed some girls not even make it to the stage. Nevertheless, she says, “I think it’s something worth trying if you’re interested but it takes a lot of courage.”

She taught herself to sing by harmonizing with Aaliyah’s songs.

Growing up in a home always surrounded by music, the singer remembers making up songs in her head when she was only eight years old. When she was 13, she started singing for her church.

She admits being a very shy youngster. After singing in front of a crowd for the first time, she leaned towards writing songs and poetry for a while.

With no formal vocal training, Schwechler taught herself. She would harmonize with the music of the late pop princess Aaliyah, inspired to match her vocal range. Her inspirations also include Rihanna, SZA, and other badass females artists with warm and smooth vocals.

Like other artists, she questioned her capabilities and talent.

At the earlier stage of her career, she revealed experiencing self-doubt — a common struggle for up and coming artists. Almondmilkhunni was worried if people would listen to her as she questioned if she was capable or talented enough to be an artist. 

She overcame this worry. She happily says, “The best part of my musical journey is being able to put those feelings aside and decide to create regardless of if it’s received well, but purely because I love music.” She’s been breaking through her own insecurities to create amazing music.

With so much talent around her, she continues to be inspired by them to do collaborations and share their ideas. 

The internet by her major bad b*tch vibes — and we’re here for it.

Her breakout single “Grapefruit” went viral and created a lot of buzz on her. Then, she followed it up with her sophomore single “Henni Heartbreak” that will get you in your feels. The down-to-earth songstress became the internet’s favorite bad b*tch overnight, reaching over 2 million streams. 

According to Almondmilkhunni, a bad b*tch isn’t afraid to make mistakes and embrace their flaws. They don’t allow those insecurities to hold them back from being the best version of themself. She points out, “A bad bitch doesn’t limit themself with negative self-belief.”

Her self-titled debut EP, “Almondmilkhunni” is out now!

Almondmilkhunni introduces herself on her self-titled EP, with seven tracks. The debut EP boasts “Bandana“, a song that will make you feel some type of way with its airy echoes, bold verses, and a hypnotic hook.

“Almondmilkhunni” has the perfect combination of sweet, sass, and sultry. The pop-R&B EP will sure take you back in the early 2000s.

Celina Aquino

Illinois State '21

Celina Aquino is a senior studying finance and accounting at Illinois State University. She's a campus correspondent for the university's chapter as well as a national writer. Things that make her the happiest include groutfits and matcha. Check out "Style on the Move" on @hercampusstyle.
Mackie Kelleher

Illinois State '21

Mackie Kelleher is a sophomore at Illinois State and is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Writing. In her free time, she loves to watch Netflix, read, and work out. She is a huge Starbucks lover and you can always find her there studying!