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To Frat Or Not?

For many of you new freshmen or transfer students, you may be wondering the same question… should I “frat” or not? Everyone has their own preconceived thoughts on what “frat boys” or fraternity members are like, and how their houses are on the weekends. So is “frating” fit out for you? What’s the hype about partying at a fraternity house?
If you are an outgoing person, you would most likely enjoy partying at a frat house. There are always many people and loud music. It’s a great place to meet new people. This especially goes for incoming freshmen and transfer students who normally don’t know a whole lot of people when they first come to school.
…With that loud music comes a dance party. I myself love to dance, which is why every once in a while I’ll find myself letting loose to my favorite songs at a frat house. Most houses have a huge basement with not only loud music, but also cool and colorful lights which always set the mood. Not having fun at the frat? Some decide to “frat hop” right to the next house.
For us poor college students, free is our favorite word. Not only is it free to get into any frat, but there is also free booze such as jungle juice. Jungle juice is a mixture of drink
s including alcohol and real cut up fruit. Most say, “It always hits the spot.” However, jungle juice isn’t always the drink of choice. It can be too strong… or just downright disgusting.
If you don’t mind hot, tiny spaces, then you wouldn’t mind hanging out at a frat house. Most frat houses do not have air conditioning. They also normally have A LOT of people over at once. Because of these two things, frat houses are normally extremely hot and congested.
A big bonus for us girls when it comes to frat houses is that we are always allowed in. Most girls like to travel in large groups (it’s just what we do). This will not be an issue if you are planning on going to a frat house for the night.
If you like Halloween and dressing up, you will most likely find yourself at a frat during the course of the year because frats are also known for their theme parties. Whether it’s a Jersey Shore party, a black light party, or even an 80’s workout party, you will have a ton of fun getting into character.
With the variety of frats to choose from, find one where you can get to know the guys of the house.
So, will you frat or not?

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