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The end of the semester can be extremely stressful. Dealing with final tests, projects and assignments can feel grueling and as people are finishing their semester, feeling motivated seems impossible. Throughout my time in college, I have realized how much work has to be put into this time of year. Sometimes it feels like an entire semester is getting packed into a couple of weeks. If this is the case for you this semester, or you’re just feeling a bit more anxious than usual, read this article and try to center your mind.

Find a Playlist

I have found that if I’m studying, or I have a bunch of homework to get done, music is a really great motivator. Sometimes, I look forward to listening to music while I do schoolwork and that is a great way to get a bit of work time going. When it comes to figuring out what type of music you should be listening to, start off with listening to instrumental playlists to see if they help you focus better (I love instrumental jazz). If that doesn’t help and you have a favorite artist or album you listen to, use the music you love as a motivator to sit down and get to work.

Prioritize schoolwork Effectively

I present academic workshops at ISU, and one of my favorite workshops to lead is about managing your time. I find that the advice given in the workshop is incredibly helpful, so I implement it in my study patterns as well. The greatest piece of advice I can give you is to prioritize what you think you should be getting done first. If I have a project I know I don’t want to work on, I’ll get it done first so it’s out of the way. If you think doing that would make you less motivated to get other things done, reverse the order. Start easy and build up. Make sure you’re also keeping the due dates in mind too. If you have an assignment due tomorrow and another one due in a few days, try to complete the one that is due the soonest first. Hopefully, you’ll take these aspects of academia into consideration and finish your semester strong and effectively!

take care of yourself

Self-care is important. I’ve written about self-care in my previous posts here, so I’m sure a reader of mine would expect this. Taking breaks and checking in with your mental health is so crucial, especially in college. Life gets so stressful in college and that’s normal. It can feel extremely anxiety-inducing and never-ending, but remember that you’re so close. Remember that self-care is a priority because it will make your time way more productive!

I hope you feel more confident about getting through the semester after this article. Know you’re not alone and that college isn’t necessarily supposed to be easy. For those of you at ISU, we’re so so close to being done and starting the summertime adventures we’ve been waiting for. You can do this!

Jillian Groot

Illinois State '24

My name is Jillian Groot and I am a senior english education major with an Italian studies minor at Illinois State University. Instagram: @jilliangroot