Felix Jaehn Talks Dream Come True Collaboration behind 'Never Alone' & Inspiration for his Next Album

First German artist to make it to top US Billboard Charts in almost three decades, DJ and producer Felix Jaehn made his breakthrough in 2015 with the smash hit "Cheerleader." You know you had it in your summer '15 playlist! It really was THAT song — and we were all blasting it all the time. 

Felix has garnered over 3.8 billion over the past few years. There's no stopping the talented artist as he releases "Never Alone" with Mesto featuring VCATION.

Sporting his very own custom clothing collection — inspired by his stage visuals — with a pair of Adidas x Pharell Williams NMD sneakers, he sat down with me for an interview before his set at PRYSM, where he played his newest single.

"I wrote it together with Michel Zitron and John Martin, which was such a huge honor." He beamed and continued, "Sitting in one room with them, writing a song together — they're also featuring on the record — was a dream come true for me!" 

Zitron and Martin are behind the music project VCATION. The music partners have also worked alongside Swedish House Mafia on their singles "Don't You Worry Child" and "Save the World," as Felix actually told me.

I asked him what has been his biggest inspiration for writing songs, and his answer was his life, especially for his upcoming album. He explained that it's like a concept album, telling his story about growing up through the tracks. His goal is to give hope as he shares his tough times and ways of overcoming them — an authenticity and rawness that would leave a positive impact on the listeners. In the end, he maintains the positivity in his music.

With his contagious happy mood and bright smile, Felix is one of the most positive people I've met. 

"Keeping my family and friends close is super important," he answered when asked about how he remains with such an awesome attitude on life. 

He values alone time and enjoys nature. The DJ/producer explained: "I need to, in between all [the] madness, just sit and watch some birds and smell some flowers — be in touch with nature."

When asked what advice he has for anyone who feels down, he said "to stop looking outside [and] just listen to yourself."

Stream now Never Alone ft. VCATION - Felix Jaehn, Mesto.