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Fan-fictions I Would Write If I Didn’t Have Writer’s Block

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Writer’s block is a writer’s worst fear; it is self-explanatory. Recently, I’ve been experiencing severe writer’s block, making it difficult to concentrate and focus on a hobby that I truly enjoy — writing. 

Before I started college in the summer of 2022, I spent my time attending summer school, playing video games, watching television and obsessing over my all-time favorite series, Monster High. If you’re unfamiliar with Monster High, it’s a fashion doll series designed by Garret Sander and released by Mattel in 2010. Fans still enjoy its cartoon television series, animated film collection, book series, music, spinoffs, merchandise and toys. 

With the news of a reboot, I was overjoyed and joined groups where I could share my excitement for the series’s future with other die-hard fans. 

These fans would make some of the most beautiful drawings of the characters I’d ever seen. It was full of reimagining; I couldn’t draw, but I could write. That was my form of art, and I wanted to give back to the fandom as well. So I wrote my first fan-fiction, “The Ghostly Mermaid Who Can’t Sing.” It was about the characters Lagoon Blue and Sirena Von Boo and their terrifying journey to Syria to find Sirena’s father. 

This was something I liked doing, and I went on to write more series. I had a lot of plans for future work, but my enthusiasm, motivation and overall desire waned. I just couldn’t do it, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn’t get started writing, and it’s heartbreaking to see yourself drift away from something you love. In this article, I’d like to share with you the ideas I had for upcoming Monster High fan fictions in the hopes they will motivate me to write them again. 

I’ll save the best for last!

The Last Serving of Green Jello (epic bromance)

I had made a collaborative challenge to create fan fiction. I created a list of various elements of a story, and each comment would choose one of them.

The end product was a romance, third person point of view story set in the Coffin Bean with Deuce Gorgon and Porter Geiss as the main protagonists and Ramses and Nefera De Nile as the main antagonists. The tale is titled “The Last Serving of Green Jello,” and the lesson is that love can be expressed in a variety of ways. The story is that Deuce Gorgon gets a job at the Coffin Bean to save up for a gift for his girlfriend, but Ramses and Nefera are attempting to close it down. 

I was so excited to write it because it was such a cute idea, and I planned to have Deuce and Porter organize an art exhibit as a fundraiser at the Coffin Bean. I’m hoping to write it as quickly as possible because it’s such a small and sweet story. 

Fairy Tale Stories (monster high —> ever after high) 

Since the long-awaited Monster High and Ever After High crossover never happened, I wanted to do my own take on how I would bring both worlds together. Though the Monster High characters would not be in the EAH world, they would have fairy tales in their stories—fairy tales that I came up with.

The characters would include Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile (she is actual royalty after all). 

Each tale proceeds as follows:

Frankie: The Royal Family requests the kingdom’s brilliant scientist to create an heir to the throne because the queen is infertile. As a result, Princess Frankie was created, who was born to reign. Growing up and falling in love with the mad scientist who made her.

Draculaura: The prince seeks the hand of a common village girl for marriage due to her bewildering beauty. Her parents sell their daughter, and Draculaura settles into her new life as royalty. She encounters a hidden chamber with a coffin while investigating the castle, and when she opens it, she is terrified by an ancient vampire who fangs her neck and turns her. She must keep the truth that she is undead hidden from the kingdom, or she will be burned at the stake. 

Cleo: What happens when Cleo De Nile discovers her uncle is plotting to overthrow Rames’ kingdom and informs him about their impending doom? The family would be safe and Nefera De Nile would grow up to rule alongside their mother. An enchanted tale about an Egyptian princess and her luxurious way of life. 

Boogeyman’s Trail (my favorite !!)

A story I’ve been thinking about a lot was inspired by an old friend’s idea, but it was something I never got the opportunity to start… Based on the events following Monster High: Haunted, a 2015 Mattel film starring Twyla Boogeyman as one of the film’s major protagonists. Twyla’s father, the Boogeyman, has a collection of boogeysand that can transform monsters into various species. 

My old friend had asked, “What was the boogeysand made of, and was it ethical?” Was it made from a list of ingredients linked to each creature, or was it created from the monster itself? Something like this would cause an uproar throughout the monster nation, resulting in the Boogeyman being investigated for his corrupt practices. 

Personally, I think it’s such a brilliant idea for fan fiction that it might gain popularity throughout the fandom!


Monster High has the potential to be much more thoroughly explored than it has been, and creators have opportunities to build on the material that has already been provided to them. Will I ever get around to writing any of these? Yes! I will make it happen! I had a great time discussing with you about all of my entertaining ideas for Monster High fan fiction, and I appreciate you made the time to let me geek out about my favorite series of all time. It’s strange I’m so infatuated with this series, but that’s exactly what it’s all about: strange, creepy and weird.

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