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Netflix released its new season of You on October 15, 2021, making it the third season of the series. You has received so many positive reviews and it seems like viewers can’t get enough of Joe Goldberg and his thirst for murder. In season three, Joe has his very own partner in crime: his wife. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about You season three, and if it’s worth the watch. 

The season starts off with Joe and his adjustment to fatherhood. He has a rocky start as he juggles being a new father and husband. He isn’t connecting with his baby, and he can’t stand his wife, Love. We can’t forget that Joe tried to kill Love at the end of season two until she said she was pregnant with his child. The family moved to Madre Linda for a fresh start, but they can’t escape their dark past.  

Joe develops a fascination with the next-door neighbor we caught a glimpse of at the end of the previous season. He uses her as an escape from his unhappy suburban life. Love ends up killing the neighbor after discovering Joe’s little infatuation. The entire season involves the couple covering up and even killing for each other.  

Of course, there is plenty of mischief in this new season. From making neighbors disappear to stalking the librarian, You season three follows the same course as the previous seasons. So, it did not disappoint in the slightest if you were a fan of seasons one and two.  

While I found the season entertaining, the show got even more problematic. Some scenes are even hard to stomach. The show continues to glamorize serial killers and normalize violence against women. Joe ends up getting a new job at the local library. He becomes obsessed with his boss Marienne, after finding out she has a crush on him. Joe proceeds to stalk her like he’s done with his past girlfriends. There are moments when you are rooting for him to succeed, but you remember just how horrible he is. It makes you wonder- would we be rooting for Joe if he wasn’t an attractive white man? The show also made me question what it means to love unconditionally. Can you still love someone even after they do something so terrible? 

You season three has more scenes from Joe’s childhood. It’s interesting that we get to learn about Joe’s troubled upbringing in the orphanage because we can understand the reason he resorts to violence and later becomes a sociopath. He was bullied by his fellow orphans and even physically abused. However, the cut scenes feel like they are put in place to justify Joe’s reason for killing. The show wants the audience to feel for Joe and even sympathize with him. Even though he commits extremely violent crimes.  

Another extremely problematic part of the new season is Love’s relationship with the 19-year-old neighbor, even though she’s a 27-year-old married woman. Their sex scenes are so uncomfortable because it feels illegal to watch.  

Joe gets mad when Love cheats and Love gets mad when Joe cheats, despite the couple not being happy in their current relationship. They want to give their son a better life, but they make no effort to change their unhealthy habits.  

In summary, the new season is worth watching if you liked the previous two. Yes, the show is controversial. However, its surprising twists will keep you on your feet. Will they get caught? Why can’t they just break up already? Will he ever stop killing? You’ll always be asking yourself what will happen next. Season four has already been confirmed, so it’s safe to say that other people enjoyed this season too.  

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