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            TikTok has been more popular than ever at this time. There are many different reasons to scroll through TikTok, whether it be funny videos, craft videos, dances, following celebrities, or anything else in between. One of the more interesting categories I have discovered, that will definitely come in handy with the holidays approaching, is #gifttok. GiftTok is a hashtag on TikTok where different users create videos on gift ideas for specific people. With the holidays coming up, there are so many different categories and ideas to look through when searching for the perfect gift.

            When I am on TikTok and am in the mood to go on GiftTok or look for gift ideas, I type #gifttok into the search bar. From here, there are so many different videos that pop up with incredible ideas for gifts to buy people.

            My favorite GiftTok account is Leah’s Gift Guide (@leahs.giftguide). She probably has the most prominent page on GiftTok because her whole account is dedicated to it. She gives detailed videos, all of which have specific categories. For example, she has a video called Cute Gifts for anyone under $15. These include a custom necklace, initial air pods case, a tiny planetarium, a portrait keychain, a disposable camera and We’re Not Really Strangers card game. Additionally, this user has a website that includes all the gift guides she makes with links to the products she posed. Scrolling through her page is an easy way to find a category that applies to the person you want to buy for and then going to her website and finding the links to any products you may love.

            Another user, Anna (@annamoraan), always posts videos of products she gets from Amazon. With the holidays approaching, she has made her videos targeted more for gift-giving. One of her Christmas gift idea videos includes a giant blanket, an essential oil diffuser, a beanie or accessory, a retro radio speaker, wall collage kit and roller skate shoes. She also has a YouTube channel with more ideas for gifts as well as an Amazon list with many of the products she features on it. While I would say that her account is more directed toward women and gifts for women, she has some really great ideas that can all be found on Amazon. 

            While there may be other accounts that specialize in gifts, I’ve found that by searching the hashtag and going through videos on different accounts is also helpful. Accounts like @jaybaby07, who posts ideas every once in a while, or @straightupskincare post maybe one video, but I’ve found that going through these random accounts or videos can also be helpful to get more ideas or to inspire me to think of something. 

            All in all, I have found one of my favorite genres on TikTok is now GiftTok! I think it will be extremely helpful to get me inspired for specific and creative presents for those I’m buying for and give me ideas for gifts I may want. I think going through #gifttok will make coming up with gift ideas less stressful and much more enjoyable!

Millie Dean

Illinois State '23

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Mackie Kelleher

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