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The Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break Staycationers

While some of us are cramming 8 weeks worth of knowledge into our minds at Milner, some are already packing their suitcases for their Spring Break getaways. It seems as every student at this campus is planning their fanny pack and swim suit combo for PCB or what “legal” cocktail they’ll have in Mexico. For students, like me, not venturing out to warm destinations, this could literally feel like a punch in the face. Here’s what to do and not do to make the most out of your spring break experience:

DO… catch up on all the sleep you missed out on this semester. Whether you were up late watching Netflix, dancing at a party or studying for an exam, you lost sleep and there is nothing sweeter than sleeping in your own bed.


DON’T… watch your friend’s Snapchat stories of beer bongs on the beach or Luke Bryan shaking it on stage. You will experience the biggest, most vivid FOMO of your life and you will drive yourself crazy.


DO… visit your friends at other college campuses across the US. You will get to spend time with people you haven’t seen in a while, you’ll be in a new setting and the partying doesn’t have to stop.


DON’T… waste your days watching cable and creating an indent on your living room couch. Even though your hometown isn’t as glamorous as the nightlife in Las Vegas, still try to get out while you can. See a movie, eat a good meal or go shopping at your favorite mall. Treat yourself to things that make you happy and relaxation.


DO… try to make some money if you have the chance. Pick up a couple hours at your hometown job or babysit a few nights a week. While your friends are spending 10 dollars a drink at the bar, you’ll have extra money to make a T-shirt Campustown or hit up the bars of Downtown Bloomington when you’re back at school.


DON’T…  rekindle and hook up with an old flame from high school. Being a little lonely for one week is better than the “come over” text messages and drunken Snapchats you’ll receive for months after the hook up.


DO… step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Whether that is eating at a new restaurant or sight seeing in the city, go out and do something worth documenting. You are completely entitled to make your own spring break memories. So be bold and unapologetically make some.

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