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DIY Christmas Dorm Decorations

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year – all one month and a half of it. I love all of the decorations, the lights and the giving spirit that others and I get into. I consider myself very creative, so decorating for this time of year fits me like a glove. Even though we only have about two weeks back at school after Thanksgiving break and before the start of Christmas break, I still want to make my dorm look like I am celebrating the holiday season! However, college is expensive and I fall under the category of a ‘broke college kid,’ so Pinterest is my best friend with cheap and easy DIY decorations. Here are 8 different ideas that you and I can use to spice up our dorms and show some Christmas spirit:


Doorway to Christmas: A door is the entrance way to your place of living. So, why not decorate the door too? These two designs below show different but easy ways to make your door look festive by only using paper and tape! The snowman works perfectly if your door is white, but fear not. If your door is a different color, this paper fire place will work just as well. You can use wrapping paper to add to even more festiveness!


Paper Creations: Have you heard the phrase, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” Well, in these following crafts, paper will be your best friend. It costs less than $5 for a package! For the following, you can use either plain printer paper or construction paper to add a pop of color:


  • Hanging Around: Who says you need a tree to have ornaments? Not me! If you have some fishing wire or yarn, glue or staples, paper and scissors you can make these beautiful ornaments and hang them from the ceiling or from a string of lights (if you already own lights– bonus points).


  • Let it Snow-flake: Snowflakes are very easy to make – all you need is a design, paper, and a pair of scissors. So many different patterns are available on Google and Pinterest, so you can find the pattern perfect for you and make endless snowflakes!


  • Light it Up (almost): Lights are a staple in holiday décor. Instead of buying a string of lights that might have bulbs that are burnt out and are overpriced, you can make your own! This is an easy hack in place of normal lights, and there is no energy required. A hole punch, yarn, construction paper and glue will be the only items that you need to make this colorful string of paper lights – cute, creative and easy!



  • Wreathin’ Around: If you don’t feel like buying a wreath from Target or Michaels, you can make your own. Gather together some green and red construction paper, scissors and glue. All you have to do is to partially cut the green paper and fold it over to make a circle shape and glue it down. You can use the red paper to make a bow or little holly berries shown below.



O Christmas Tree: You don’t have to go out and buy a Christmas tree – you can make one yourself! Not an actual tree with spiked branches, but one that you can make out of other decorations that normally are used during the holiday season.


  • Knick Knacks: This is a tree made up of pictures, decorations, and other items. If you already own the items you want to use, this requires little to no money. This tree is more personal than the other ideas, because it is made out of objects that are owned and not just lights or paper!



  • Lights On: This tree is made out of a string of lights. All you would need to make this would be an outline of the tree shape, and something to keep the lights in place like sticky tack or mini Command hooks. Plug it into an outlet and you have your lit tree! Oh – don’t forget the ornaments and a topper!!!


  • Linked Up: This tree could be used on your door or on a wall. Paper, scissors, tape and a stapler are the materials you would need to make this tree design. Link together green construction paper to whatever length of chain you desire. When you have as many chains as you like, tape them to the door or wall surface to have a perfect, easy tree.



So, what festive decorations will you put up? – Renata

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