Cute Thanksgiving Outfits to Wear

Thanksgiving is approaching fast and everyone is trying to find the perfect outfit to wear. Finding an outfit to wear to dinner can be a really big struggle. You want to be comfy but also look cute for family pictures and seeing everyone. Good thing I have a ton of outfit ideas for you that are cute but also comfortable to wear!

The first outfit is a sweater dress with knee high boots. This is a casual look that everyone looks perfect in! Especially when you wear an oversized sweater dress, it looks so cute. This outfit is more comfortable and not so tight. For the dress you can wear a fall color or a black or grey. Also adding little jewelry or sunglasses to the outfit can add more detail and dress it up a little more! Another look that you can achieve with the sweater dress is adding a long vest! This really makes the outfit look unique and add a different style to it.

                                                        via: pinterest

The next outfit is a more dressed up look. You can wear black jeans with a cute sweater and pair it with a suede jacket. This look is so cute and you can wear booties or even knee high boots. This is by far my favorite outfit because it’s so simple yet super cute. Also, you can make the outfit more simple by just wearing jeans and a casual long sleeve shirt with booties. Or you can wear a sweater with jeans instead.

                                                        via: pinterest

The next outfit is a bit more casual. This outfit is paired with jeans and a flannel. Flannels are specifically made for fall so that would go perfect for a thanksgiving dinner. Adding a longer jacket dresses it up more. Also in this outfit she added a belt which adds more detail to the outfit! For an outfit like this you could either wear just jeans and a flannel or pair a jacket it with like she did. For the shoes, booties would be cute with this or even a cute pair of sneakers!

                                                        via: pinterest 

All of these outfits are so cute and can be changed up in a way perfect for you. These outfits are comfy yet cute. I hope these outfit ideas helped inspire you to pick out the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving!

Kai Johnson