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Creative Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Valentines day is creeping up on us and that means its time for cute, love-based gifts! So to help you guys out, I found five creative and easy homemade gifts to make for your loved ones.

1. Alcohol Bouquet: This gift would be perfect for a boyfriend. We all know how hard it is to get a present for a guy, but I promise you can’t go wrong with this alcohol bouquet! Just get little bottles of different kinds of alcohol, tape it to a stick for it to stand up in the bouquet, put it in some kind of basket or pot and there you have it; the perfect gift for your man.

2. Box Of Chocolates Money: Let’s admit it, how awesome would it be to get this as a gift? All you do is take a chocolate box (yes, you can eat the chocolate inside) and then fill it with different types of money! It doesn’t have to be $20’s just $1’s and even change. Its creative and come on, who doesn’t love to get money?

3. Movie Night Gift Basket: this is a perfect gift for asignificant other, that you can also secretly benefit from, as well! Fill the basket with things necessary for a movie night like some champange, candy, a classic rom-com movie and even a menu for some carry out. You have your date night and gift all planned out.

4. 52 Reasons Why I Like You: is this not the cutest gift ever? All you have to do is take a deck of cards and write what you like about the person on each card. Once that’s done, you hole punch all the cards and string them together. It’s unbelieveably thoughtful and basically free to make.

5. Cupcake Bouquet: an adorable AND yummy gift, the perfect combo! All you have to do is put styrofoam in a cute pot and stick the bottom of the cupcakes with toothpicks. Get creative and have all different types of cupcakes, homemade or store bought. It’s super cheep and orignial.


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