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Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

The feeling of losing a loved one is something that is hard to describe. People feel and show their emotions differently, especially in a period of grieving. Over the years I have encountered a variety of people, all who have shown their feelings on separate levels. At the end of the day I know that showing someone you love and support them is most important, even if they choose to be left in solitude during this time.

To begin recognizing your emotions is important. Know that it is 100% okay to be sad. At first there is often a lot going on in the acceptance phase that people tend to put their feelings on hold. This may work temporarily but there will come a time when you must let out how you are thinking. You may be suffering and that is understandable. Death is inevitable. Know that it is part of life. Unfortunately, everyone will encounter this throughout their lives. Remember you are not alone. There is always someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on during the difficult times.

I cannot sit here and tell you it will be easy. What I do know is that it will get better; you will feel better with time. My advice is to cope with whatever positive method is necessary to allow you to move forward. Something I like to do (that takes time) is talk about the great memories of the person who passed. Keeping them alive in your thoughts and with your words can be comforting. If you choose not to do this, that is okay too. Certain people prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. Do what is best for you. Is this a sad time in your life? Yes. Do you feel like it’s the end of the world? Perhaps. Will you cry at random times thinking about them? Maybe. Will you be okay? Yes, always.

Word choice is another important part when it comes to being there for someone, and it is crucial during a time like this. Try to offer your help but do not force anything upon anyone when it comes to speaking. Remember to check in on this person as time goes on. Someone who originally may have not wanted to open up may find themselves looking for someone to confide in. As always, take care of the people around you. Show you love and support them. Everything will be okay.

Lynn Merigold

Illinois State '23

Hi! My name is Lynn, and I am so grateful to be part of the Her Campus team! I am one of the Editors-in-Chief for Her Campus Illinois State. I enjoy writing articles about lifestyle, mental health, education, and wellness!
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