Confidence of a Queen

Read for your mental health! 

Ladies, I am writing this article for all of you to read to just feel good, confident, and beautiful inside and out. I support confidence and love for all my fellow queens and I want to share the ideas I live by throughout my life and repeat in my head that just make me feel better on a day I don’t even want to look in the mirror, because trust me I have those days.

First things first, please remember that you are worth more than any physical object, you are the definition of emotional love, you are the reason love exists, the definition to caring, the definition to trust, and the definition of a good f****** human being. You are a role model for anyone who pays attention to you, and trust me there are a lot of people out there who thrive off of you, your motivation, passion and your personality! Your personality was sculpted from the warmth of your own hands, and no one else can replace it, or even come close to coping it. YOU ARE 100% UNIQUE! You deserve the world, and if someone out there cannot support you with grabbing the universe then drop them honey they will only slow you down.

Sweet hearts out there, look in the mirror, mentally point out every flaw you see, and then LAUGH AT IT. For one thing, I know you are beautiful, for the creases in your smile, the tears forming from natural laughter, to the rush of adrenaline when someone cute walks by, to the tingling feeling you get when you help someone in need. You all have the qualities of a good person. Remember that whatever you do, it will heal. Time will let it pass by and you will be okay I promise you that. Life is so f****** hard and it is okay for you to sit down and actually say it out loud. It is okay to struggle, but know that you are reaching for a goal.

Set goals for yourself, make them impossible to others, but possible with your passion, motivations, and actions. You are so much more than pictures, you are more than a text, you are more than a name on a page. You are a thought in someone else’s head who cares so much about you that they will not stop thinking about you, whether that is your mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, friends, significant others, teachers, the one customer you helped, the one random human you smiled at and got a reaction from, the one you made laugh on a rainy day, and most importantly yourself.

Girls have such a hard time with remembering how bad ass and important they are. That is why I am writing this to remind you all that you are for certain never alone, you will never feel pain alone, you will never cry alone, you will never scream alone, because somewhere out there, someone is doing it with you, feeling the same thing wiht you, and that is okay and normal. It is okay to not be okay but always keep in mind that there is help every step of the way.

Queens please remember that you really are royal. I don’t call you queens because I know you are beautiful, I call you queens because I know you all will run the f****** world in all sorts of ways, each of you will make an impact to this world, and we all have success on the brain! Hell, we are making impacts right now! Let’s keep going ladies, and remember, you are kind, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, you are unique, you are bad ass, and you ARE A QUEEN! 


XOXO stay royal my queens!