A Comforting Blanket


My Queens, has this ever happened to you? Have you started talking to someone you mentally, physically, and emotionally connect with? Their text alone blushes your cheeks and puts a smile on your face. Then like a bullet, a car accident, a sudden crash, it's all gone, you're left with the wounds, the whip lash, and the pain. Trust me Queens, I cannot count how many times this has happened to me, and how many times it keeps happening. BUT, I am here to write this article to embrace you day by day and put Band-Aids on those scars. Let’s compare this situation to riding a bike shall we…


Initial impact: Falling off your bike. Deep breathes, this is when the texts stop, the deleting off of every social media occurs, and the tears bundle up. Let me tell you my Queens, let those tears fall. Let them pour and pour until you’re swimming in them. Let your body react naturally to this whip lash, let your mind wonder, go off tract, and think about what happened. It is okay to look back at it at first because you have to, and give your mind the okay to do so. But don’t be afraid to cry over this. When you fall off your bike, your automatic reaction is to cry, correct? Because the fall hurts. I am not going to lie about that. So crying is just your initial, natural reaction. It DOES NOT consider you as being weak when you shed tears, if anything it is bringing you closer and closer to healing. This is the whiplash period after the initial fall, so let the muscles be sore, let the heart be sore for a little while until the time passes. Let the mind, muscles, heart, relax and heal. My Queens, please remind yourselves over and over and over and over that... you will be okay, IT’S THEIR LOSS, you will be okay, remind yourself that everything that happens, happens for a reason. 


Band-Aids on scrapes: Realize that the fall causes some scratches and blood. Deep breathes my Queens. Try to talk about what happened to anyone you trust. This sounds crazy but talking about it out loud and hearing the words fall off your tongue helps. Having someone else there with you during this experiences is the best Band-Aid. Your thoughts do not grow within a conversation of the same ideas, so let you and your persons opinions contradict, open new theories, spark up some laughs, and even empathetic hugs. I personally call my mom because she is so abrupt with the truth, the biggest b**** slap in my face and that’s what I need sometimes, but she is also there for empathy and a caring ear. Know Queens that this happens ALL the TIME and it’s okay, you will be okay I promise you! Just don’t be afraid to talk about it and keep talking about it because this is your mind and your heart healing now, regaining its strength, its knowledge, and getting ready for those whiplashed muscles to start moving again normally. This is after you fall off your bike and you cry for about three hours… this moment is you being covered with a warm blanket by another caring human being, lifting you up off the ground, and walking away from the accident. When you walk you’ll have some scrapped knees and they will be sore to walk on, but your starting to move them to feel better and to heal them.  


Scars or no?: As you hug the blanket letting the heat warm you and sipping on tea, you start to forget the crash and are motivated to try again. Deep breaths…QUEENS IT IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE AGAIN! Time to look back at this and learn from it. For me when this happens, I learn to take things more seriously and to set goals for myself, looking for kindness, curiosity, empathy, and understanding off the bat. When they all say to learn from your mistakes I wouldn’t say this bike crash was a mistake, but more of a life experience that taught you how to heal, and help other Queens watch out for things before the crash. Guard our Queens from this whip lash, but if it does happen let’s help each other heal together. This article is your blankets my Queens, a blanket to throw over your shoulders, cuddle with these ideas, and know you are safe, you are warm, and you will be okay! YOUR WORTH never leaves you no matter who takes advantage of it, and your kindness and effort that you gave to them, know that karma will hit them for abusing something powerful like that. Remember that, everyone pays for the bad things they do to good people. And ALL of you are good people and all your feelings are normal.  


My Queens, I am not saying I can always protect you from falling off your bikes but know that this article is your blanket to heal you and comfort you until you are ready to rule the world once again like the Queens I know you all are. 





XOXO Stay Royal My Queens