Coachella outfit review

We are finally in the swing of festival season! This past weekend was Weekend 1 of Coachella. You probably already knew that considering everyone was either there or posting about it. People from James Charles and Emma Chamberlain to Kylie and Kendall Jenner were there. In honor of the event, I am going to be reviewing some of the more iconic outfits that were seen at Coachella Weekend 1. 


Emma Chamberlain

I’ve always loved Emma and her style choices but these outfits really impressed me. I could tell she put a lot of time and effort into them and I absolutely loved it. From last year to this year, these outfits make her seem a lot more grown up and mature. I wish I knew how to put into words how much seeing these outfits made happy but they really did. Her color choices and the overall vibes of the outfits were amazing and gave me the impression that she’s a badass. Overall grade : A+. (Pictures via @_emmachamberlain on Instagram) 


James Charles

I loved the vibes that James was giving through these outfits. I really liked how his day 1 and day 2 (black and white outfits) contrasted each other. His day 3 was probably my favorite just because of the cowboy theme and the Old Town Road remix being a popular song right now. His outfits were very on brand for him and I expected nothing else. Overall grade : A. (Pictures via @jamescharles on Instagram)

The Dolan Twins -

I love the Dolan Twins just as much as the next girl but this year was honestly not it for them. Their outfits were plain and simple and nothing compared to last year. Don’t get me wrong they looked amazing because they are the Dolan twins, but to go from the iconic playboy outfits from last year to this is a major downgrade in my opinion. Overall grade : A for being the Dolan twins but D for the fits. (Pictures via @ethandolan and @graysondolan on Instagram) 

Joey Graceffa -

I’ve always been a fan of Joey Graceffa since I was younger. He has been kind of fading in and out of the spotlight for a few years now, so seeing his outfits from Coachella this year was nice. Personally his day 2 outfit (middle) was the only one that I loved and that was really on brand for him. His day 1 (right) was cute but a little uncoordinated and all over the place. His day 3 was my least favorite from him. He’s such a fun and happy person and this outfit was just not it for him. Overall grade : C. (Pictures via @joeygraceffa on Instagram)  

Laura Lee -

As much as I am personally not a fan of Laura Lee, she literally always kills it at Coachella. This year I personally think each day got better and better outfit wise. Her day 1 (pictured right) wasn’t my favorite and I thought she could have gone a little more over the top. Her day 2 and 3 outfits were more her style and something that I would picture her wearing. I was a little disappointed with her makeup. For being a known makeup guru on YouTube I would have thought that her makeup would be more extreme especially for Coachella. Overall grade : A-. (Pictures via @larlarlee on Instagram)  

Tyler Oakley -

Tyler’s day 1 outfit (pictured right) honestly wasn’t his best. He’s had a lot of really interesting and crazy outfits for Coachella in the past and this one was just kind of underwhelming for me. His day 2 outfit was a lot more his style and what I would picture him to wear every day at Coachella. Overall grade : B. (Pictures via @tyleroakley on Instagram)

Liza Koshy -

Both of Liza’s looks are absolutely incredible. I think they make her look amazing and really show her off in the best way possible. I do wish there was a little more color in the outfits but she does rock black very well. Overall Grade : A. (Pictures via @lizakoshy on Instagram)   


Honorable Mention

The Vlog Squad -


This was their day 1 outfit and it was the only day that they all wore the same thing. I think it was a very bold move especially considering this merch is brand new and unreleased. I personally LOVED this look for them. It was very iconic and on brand. Overall Grade : A+ (Picture via @DavidDobrik on Instagram)

Overall, Coachella looked like a blast, like always and I am forever wishing I was there. Even though weekend 1 is over, weekend 2 is coming up with a whole bunch of new outfits.