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Chivalry is NOT Dead

There have been some crazy rumors flying around that chivalry is dead in today’s society. But don’t give up on finding your Prince Charming just yet! All you have to do is understand what modern day chivalry looks like. It might not seem too recognizable, but if you lower your standards a little bit, finding your knight in shining armor could be closer than you think. Here are some examples to keep an eye out for when talking to your potential dream guy.

When he gives you his last lukewarm beer at the pregame.

And right when you’re about to leave, too. A true gentleman.

When he deletes his Tinder account for you.

This act of selflessness can’t go unnoticed. You clearly mean a lot to him.

When he lets you have some of his free pitcher of Bud Light on Pub Wednesday.

He had to flirt with a girl to get it, but he still got it!

When he lets you stand in front of him waiting to get into the bar.

Truly, how sweet of him.

When he puts in a request for your favorite song for Karaoke at Lunker’s on Wednesday.

He left you waiting outside to get in first… but the intention was there.

When he buys all of your drinks at the bar.

Turns out he hooked up with the bartender once and gets free drinks – lucky you!

When he offers to be the DD when you go out with your friends.

He was asleep by the time you needed a ride, but the thought was there.

When he makes sure you get back from the bars safely.

He ordered an Uber and it’s only going to his place, but you’re still back from the bars.

When he asks you to come over before 11 p.m.

He actually texted you at 10:30 p.m.

When he drives you back to your place in the morning.

He actually got out of bed… for you!

When he invites you over and then asks you to bring a six pack.

At least this way you get to choose what to drink.

When he tells you you’re beautiful.

You’re both at the bar wasted at 1 a.m. and his exact words might have been “you’re hot” but really, it still counts.

When he doesn’t try to sleep with you when you’re drunk.

It’s really thoughtful of him to not try to sexually assault you.

When he likes your posts on Facebook.

Nothing sweeter than a man who isn’t afraid to publicly support you by clicking a button!

When he offers to take you on a dinner date to Chipotle.

A class act. He might even pay for your guacamole.

There you have it. The real men are still out there. 2017, you’re wild.

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