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Cheap Additions to Make Your College Apartment Cozy

As we are beginning to adjust to the world of online schooling and settling into our college apartments, I have come to realize I have been spending a lot of time in my apartment! I don’t know about you guys, but if I’m going to be spending a lot of time in my apartment, I want it to be cute and cozy. Over quarantine, my online shopping addiction has definitely become a problem for my bank account, so I’ve been trying to find cheap and cute additions to add to my apartment! 


Candles are my favorite little decoration. Depending on where you buy them, they can be really cheap, too! Bath & Body Works often has candle sales (make sure you hit them up on their annual candle day!). I’ve also found that places like Five & Below and Target have great options as well. Not only can candles relax you with their soothing scents, but make a great night stand décor, too! We even have a local ISU student who has her own candle brand! Check out Five Seven Lit created by Joi Adams for affordable & amazing candles! 

Plants & Succulents 

Having lots of green in my apartment always makes me happy! Most of the time, you can find really cheap options for baby succulents at your local flower store. We have one local and close to ISU’s campus called Casey’s Garden Shop that has a ton of amazing options. If you’re worried about not being able to commit to a real plant and think you’ll kill it, fake succulents are also an option! I have a ton of fake ones in my room, but my roommate and I like to keep our real ones in the living room where everyone can see them.

Christmas Lights 

Who says you can’t hang Christmas Lights all year round? I find that lights can make any home feel cozy, especially at night! Cuddle up with a good book, a couple of blankets, and turn on your Christmas lights and you will feel so cozy.

Personal Photos 

Sometimes, adding a personal touch is all you need to make your college apartment feel like home. Whether it’s something you painted, pictures of you and your friends, or Polaroids from your recent travels, anything personal will make your room special!

Throw Pillows 

My absolute favorite thing to buy is throw pillows! They can make any room feel and look cozy. Having a color scheme is super important, but also have fun with it! Give it your own personal twist.

It can be hard to make your college apartment feel like home. With these cheap and cozy additions, you'll feel like you've lived there your whole life! 



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