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Celebrate the Royal Wedding

How to celebrate Prince William & Kate’s Wedding Date

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock since November, the wedding of all weddings is approaching! Prince William of Wales and fiancée Kate Middleton must be getting excited, as the big day is only a week away. Looking for ways to celebrate the nuptials of a real life prince and his new bride to be? Whether or not you’re at West Minster Abbey next Friday, or watching in your pajama’s before the sun rises, the women of Illinois State Her Campus have several suggestions leading up to the big day.
Check out the media!
If you don’t constantly check People.com or regularly frequent television channels like E!, you may not have realized the hype surrounding this royal couple. For all things royal, People.com has even created their very own “Royals” link, which has everything William and Kate. After the announcement of the engagement, the couple even got their own website you can check out for all official updates and information.
Are you looking to enjoy everything Prince William and Kate on April 29th? You’re in luck! Next to the wedding being shown on live television around the world; viewers can also get a peak on the web as well.
Want a piece of the history?
After years of dating and many speculations of proposal, Prince William popped the question in October 2010 and announced it to the world in November 2010. According to the Wall Street Journal, the wedding is expected to have a predicted two billion TV viewers, but that’s not all. An expected 400 million will watch as it’s streamed online and through the radio, in addition to around 800,000 observers who will likely be standing around Buckingham palace in hopes of catching a glimpse of the couple on their special day. 
While it may be a little late to order tickets and join the crowds of well wishers, there will be plenty of souvenirs available with the click of a mouse. Whether searching Ebay for the replica engagement ring, a coffee mug with the couple’s likeness on it, or their very own dolls, you can be sure that these items will hold great value down the road.
Plan your own Royal Wedding Party
Invite your friends to attend your very own ‘Royal Wedding Party’ in your humble abode. Suggest that guests who plan on attending try to get to sleep around 9 p.m. the night before (nobody wants a grouch). Invite guests to arrive a little before 5 a.m. and make sure the channel is set and distractions are a minimum.
You’ll want to have food and drinks for everyone, so grab some breakfast treats, perhaps a scone, a coffee, and for those seeking a little kick, try the classy yet delicious mimosa- just champagne and orange juice!
Remember- just because you weren’t invited, doesn’t mean you didn’t attend!
Websites with everything William & Kate:


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