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Women Leading in the Business World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Women are no doubt a driving force in the economy. Women are a powerful force that continues to provide essential skills and experiences to workplace spaces. Despite many challenges and obstacles, women in business continue to stand for acknowledgment and action that they are leaders. 

Women are great leaders and there are statistics to prove just this. Data shows that women-owned businesses generate $2.7 trillion in annual revenue, providing employment opportunities to nearly 12.2 million people – which continues to increase their economic purpose in the economy.

Women in all shapes, colors, and sizes are leaders in business and the need to recognize the success of women is needed both as an example for future women leaders and also to showcase women in their professional entirety. 

Leaders in business

CEO businesswoman Carol Tomé

Tomé is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of United Parcel Service (UPS) and runs as the 12th CEO in UPS’ 116-year company history. Tomé at the time of late winter 2019 took the position as CEO of UPS. Before her position as UPS CEO she was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the company Home Depot. 

As CEO, Tomé moved the company forward when disaster hit – COVID-19. 

Tomé expanded the workplace, hiring more than 400,000 employees in a United Kingdom UPS facility as well as other facilities during Covid. She has also directly promoted her African American allyship by writing a letter describing her emotions of anger, shame, and sadness towards the George Floyd video back when it was a fresh topic and explained that she wanted to turn all her emotions into values-led action. Additionally, she committed millions of dollars to activist organizations such as the National Urban League – an historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality, and social justice.

UPS moves the equivalent of 2% of the world’s GDP and 6% of the United States’ GDP each day. It is safe to say Tomé exemplifies so much of what a great woman in business calls for and the responsibility to undertake a big business like UPS is safe in her hands. These are just a few details on the amazing work that she has done with the company.

Although I have recently had a mishap with UPS – my package was delivered to the wrong address – I still think delivery services are essential to modern-day life and UPS does good work. UPS has a lot of improvements to make but there is time to become a better company in terms of delivery, customer service, etc.

Jennifer Lopez

“I am a scarce asset – somebody who is a proven creator, artist, and entrepreneur who has an ability to really connect with people.” 

  • Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is reported to have a net worth of over 400 million and has sold over 80 million records globally, and  have grossed over 3 billion from her films such as Second Act, Shotgun Wedding, and Hustlers.

Jennifer Lopez is both a businesswoman as well as a frequent artist. Lopez launched her brand and business JLo Beauty in January 2021 and it has been receiving raving reviews and outcomes. So far, the brand/business has partnered with brands like Sephora, Revolve, Macy’s, and launched internationally in collaboration with the brand Hydrafacial. JLo Beauty has rapidly, from its initial launch in January 2021, transitioned from conventional distribution to e-commerce. This is all with amazing ratings for her beauty products.

Lopez has even extended an entrepreneurship hand to other Latinas in business. Lopez partnered with a microfinance organization Grameen America – dedicated to enhancing business and philanthropic objectives – and served in the partnership with them for the purpose of assisting low-income Latina women entrepreneurs. Lopez not only cares for her business but other Latinx businesses as well and this is a huge step forward in the business world.

Karen Lynch

CNN Business review showcased Fortune’s 2022 Most Powerful Women, naming CVS CEO, Karen Lynch, number #1.

Graduating from Boston College and receiving her MBA from Boston University’s Questron School of Business, Lynch serves as president and CEO  of CVS Health. 

CVS is more important than you may think, as it supports the convenience of the busy and bustling day-to-day life giving people simple and convenient access to health, food, and other essential products you may need on the go. 

CEO Lynch is passionate about health for all her consumers. She has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and continues to show how passionate she is about her work. CVS touches the lives of more than 100 million people through its health care benefits and pharmacy benefits management businesses, and presence in over 9000 community health destinations across America. There is no question that Lynch through CVS’ own mission for health advocacy Lynch is serving her mission. In 2023, CVS closed multibillion-dollar deals, acquiring home health services Signify and Oak Street Health, which focuses on providing primary care for seniors. As a growing millennial population and as Generation Z gets older, thoughts on any primary care and long-term health that focuses on the elderly are essential.

Overall, we can all look up to these women as they’re powerhouses of the economy today. We as women should support each other and our endeavors and learn to always remind of ourselves to be a leader in all the workplaces we enter.

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