Best ISU Study Spots


Now that it’s finally warming up outside, many students have been taking over the Quad to study. Finals are just around the corner so make sure you call dibs on the best study places at ISU. Here are some great indoor and outdoor study spots:

The Library:

All right, I know this one is obvious but if you take some time to explore you can find some really quiet and comfortable places to study. I don’t know about you, but when I attempt to study at Milner I end up people watching instead. Avoid sitting by the door. My favorite spot is on the fourth floor in the area by the tall windows in the corner. It has floor to top windows that let the sun in so you don’t fall asleep with your face in a book.


Visor Center or Basement of Hewett Hall:

The Visor Center is a great place to study as well as get free tutoring. I highly suggest doing this if you are struggling with a class. Math and science are not my strongest subjects, but thanks to the Visor Center I managed a B in Physics! the best part is that its free! Always a college kid incentive. The Visor Center is in the basement of Hewett Hall accompanied with comfortable study couches and lap desks. If you need a quiet place to study alone or work on a group project there are glass rooms that have large study desks. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you live in Hewett!


The Atrium:

Besides the cool name, the Atrium is a great place to study that can be overlooked. Regularly, you won’t see many people studying in the Atrium. It is located in the Bone Student Center, past the Pizza Hut, all the way down the hall and to the left. The Atrium has a great, big window to keep the light flowing through so you don’t feel like a bat in a cave.


Top of Watterson:

I love good ole’ Watty. The top floor is my favorite place. It has an amazing view of Normal and the ISU campus. There are lots of places to sit and corners to tuck yourself into so that you won’t be disturbed. There is also a “loud” and “quiet” section so it’s great for group projects and quiet time. As a bonus the dining center is right downstairs so you can feed your brain and your stomach at the same time!


The Courtyard at the COB:

In the middle of the College of Business is a quaint little courtyard that is the perfect place to study when the weathers warm! It has a beautiful landscape and is always kept tidy. The courtyard has tables, benches, and also some grassy patches to lay around on. I would suggest checking this out, especially if you’re hanging out between classes!

There are tons of great places to study on ISU’s campus. Go exploring and claim your favorite spot!