Achieve Your Pinterest Worthy Dorm Room

Everyone knows transitioning to college can be hard. A new town, new school, new people, and of course a new living space…and let’s face it, dorms do not exactly scream “home sweet home!” Although you can’t paint your walls, move most of the furniture, or have your dog lying in bed with you, here are five small and, what I like to call, “Pinterest worthy” dorm decor ideas. 



You can never have enough plants! They're a great way to make a room seem a lot more lively and bright, and you can put them pretty much anywhere! I would recommend buying fake ones if you're worried about taking care of them. 


2. Lights 

The big bright florescent dorm lights can make your dorm room feel a lot less cozy, and a lot more like a hospital room. Hanging up white Christmas lights or twinkly lights gives off a much more welcoming vibe to the room, and plus they look super cute! 


3. Wall Decor

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to decorating your walls to make it feel more at home. Hanging up pictures of friends and family, framed quotes, message boards, tapestries, and bulletin boards are easy to do and look very aesthetically pleasing! A good space saver tip is to put pin tacks on a bulletin board to hang up scrunchies and jewelry, this way it doesn't get lost or tangled, and you save dresser space. 


4. Wall Calendar 

Going off of wall decor, hanging up a wall calendar to write down reminders, notes, or important events can be super helpful, and that way you can’t miss it when you walk into your room! 


5. Bedding

This is the main focal point of the room, and what most of your decor can be centered around. I recommend choosing a solid colored bedding, and then adding fun patterned throw pillows and blankets to give it a pop of color! Places like Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dormify, and even Target have a big variety of options to go with every dorm theme. 


Having a clean, comfy, and personable dorm room can not only make you feel much more at home while adjusting to school, but gives you a relaxing place to always come back to and shows off your individual style!