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A Blo-No bucket list for Redbirds graduating this spring

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Spring commencement is just around the corner for us senior Redbirds, which comes as a shock for many upcoming graduates. Our college career is coming to an end in less than six weeks! To enrich the rest of your experience as an undergrad at Illinois State, check out this list of to-do’s you need to try to celebrate your Redbird life.

Castle Theatre

If you haven’t heard already, many events occur at the Castle Theatre in downtown Bloomington. Many people go for music artist “nights” where they play one artist’s discography, like Bad Bunny or Harry Styles. I recently attended the Harry Styles and One Direction night last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of the venue. These events happen often, and Swifties will love the Taylor Swift night happening the weekend before finals!

Downtown Bloomington Farmer’s Market

On a Saturday without the morning hangover, you should check out the farmer’s market in downtown Bloomington. With its many vendors that sell everything from scones to crochet, you can find a one-of-a-kind item at this farmer’s market.

Sing Karaoke at Six Strings

Even if you’re not a country music girly like myself, Six Strings has a wide array of songs you can sing at their karaoke nights. For a fun night out with your best college friends, try this out!

Bar Crawl!

ISU is known for its great crawl experiences at either the bars in Uptown Normal or downtown Bloomington. There are two bar crawls happening at the end of this semester, one in downtown Bloomington and one in Uptown Normal. Many RSO’s also have their own celebratory Bar Crawl experience! As seniors, you must crawl before you graduate!

Pop-up Chicken Shop

Voted as the best food spot in Blono by ISU students through ISUBarstool’s Instagram poll, the Pop-up Chicken Shop is a must-see and must-taste experience. Compared to DP Dough, who would have thought there would be something better than a late-night zone?

Go to a Redbirds Event

Check out an event at Illinois State! There are many events you can attend at Illinois State ranging from sports games to seeing the Gamma Phi Circus performance. Support your fellow Redbirds and attend these events!

With less than six weeks left of our senior year, we deserve to commemorate our college experience as a Redbird by checking these activities off our bucket list. I hope this list is a great resource for my fellow graduates. Roll birds!

Kailyn Coleman

Illinois State '23

Hey guys! I am a Senior at Illinois State studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist! I love to meet new people, travel, and visit local small businesses :)