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7 Times Rihanna Killed It…At Everything

  1. When she casually wore $9,000 headphones listening to her OWN album.

The rest of us are out here listening to your angelic voice through free iPhone headphones that seem to get lost four times a day.

  1. When she poured her heart out via Instagram on the one year anniversary of ANTI and “didn’t care that her caption was so long.”
  1. When she did this,

and looked beautiful as ever.

  1. When Drake confessed his love to her on stage at the VMA’s and she played it way too cool.

If Drake was anywhere within a 10 mile radius of me, I would’ve been everything but calm.

  1. That one time she gave Bob Marley a tribute at The Grammy’s.

She also owns a pair of custom made Bob Marley Timberlands.

  1. When she collaborated with Eminem and they made incredible songs together.

You’d be lying if you said you’ve never jammed out to “Love The Way You Lie.”


  1. When she didn’t consider herself a role model, yet remains one.

Ri has stated numerous times that she doesn’t think she is a role model, and she isn’t trying to be one. She claims she just wants to make music and that’s alright with us.


  1. The fact that she’s done all of this before her 30th birthday.


We love you Ri, keep killin’ it!

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